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Elly Griffiths is the pen name of Domenica de Rosa[1] (born 17 August 1963, in London),[2] a British crime novelist. She has written two series as Griffiths to date, one featuring Ruth Galloway, the other featuring Detective Inspector Edgar Stephens and Max Mephisto.

Early life[edit]

After reading English at King's College London, Griffiths worked in publishing for many years.[3]

Writing career[edit]

Griffiths' first series features as a main character forensic archaeologist Ruth Galloway, who lives in a remote seaside cottage near King's Lynn in Norfolk and teaches at the University of North Norfolk. This character was inspired by Griffiths' husband, who gave up a city job to train as an archaeologist,[4] and her aunt, "who lives on the Norfolk coast and filled her niece’s head with the myths and legends of that area".[5] Griffiths released the first book in this series, The Crossing Places (Ruth Galloway, #1), in 2009.[6]

Griffiths' second series, set in Brighton in 1950, features as a main character Detective Inspector Edgar Stephens. Griffiths released the first book in this series, The Zig Zag Girl, in 2014.[7]

In 2017 Griffiths was the Programming Chair for the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival , part of the Harrogate International Festivals portfolio.[8]

Personal life[edit]

Griffiths lives near Brighton.[9] She is married, and has two children and a cat.[9]


Ruth Galloway series[edit]

  • The Crossing Places (Ruth Galloway, No.1). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 2009. ISBN 978-0547229898.[10][11]
  • The Janus Stone (Ruth Galloway, No.2). Quercus Publishing. 2010. ISBN 978-1849161589.[12][13]
  • The House at Sea’s End (Ruth Galloway, No.3). Quercus Publishing. 2010. ISBN 978-1849163675.[14][15]
  • A Room Full of Bones (Ruth Galloway, No.4). Quercus Publishing. 2012. ISBN 978-1849163668.[16]
  • Ruth’s First Christmas Tree (Ruth Galloway, #4.5). Quercus Publishing. 2012.[citation needed]
  • Dying Fall (Ruth Galloway, No.5). Quercus Publishing. 2012. ISBN 978-0857388896.[17]
  • The Outcast Dead (Ruth Galloway, No.6). Quercus Publishing. 2014. ISBN 978-0857388902.
  • The Ghost Fields (Ruth Galloway, No.7). Quercus Publishing. 2015. ISBN 978-1848663305.[18]
  • The Woman in Blue (Ruth Galloway, No.8). Quercus Publishing. 15 September 2015. ISBN 978-0544417854.
  • The Chalk Pit (Ruth Galloway, No.9). Quercus Publishing. 2017. ISBN 978-1784296599.[19]
  • The Dark Angel (Ruth Galloway, No.10). Quercus Publishing. 2018. ISBN 978-1784296636.
  • The Stone Circle (Ruth Galloway, No.11). Quercus Publishing. 2019. ISBN 978-1-78648-730-8.
  • The Lantern Men (Ruth Galloway, No.12). Quercus Publishing. 2020.

Stephens and Mephisto Mystery series[edit]

  1. The Zig Zag Girl (2014)
  2. Smoke and Mirrors (2015)
  3. The Blood Card (2016)
  4. The Vanishing Box (2017)
  5. Now You See Them (2019)

Other Novels[edit]

For Children[edit]

  • A Girl Called Justice (2019)

As Domenica De Rosa[edit]

  • The Eternal City
  • One Summer in Tuscany
  • The Italian Quarter
  • The Secret of Villa Serena
  • Return to the Italian Quarter


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