Elmer Wachtel

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Elmer Wachtel
Portrait of artist Elmer Wachtel by fellow artist Rob Wagner, Los Angeles, 1909.
Born(1864-01-21)January 21, 1864
Baltimore, Maryland, United States[1]
DiedAugust 31, 1929(1929-08-31) (aged 65)
Spouse(s)Marion Wachtel

Elmer Wachtel (1864-1929) was an American painter who lived and worked in Southern California.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] He was known for his impressionist landscapes.


Wachtel was born in Baltimore, Maryland on January 21, 1864.[5] He moved to California in 1882 to live with his brother, who was working in San Gabriel.[1][5] Wachtel worked as a ranch hand and as a furniture store clerk while saving money to attend art school.[1][7] He also worked as a violinist, playing for the Philharmonic Orchestra of Los Angeles.[3] Wachtel was largely self-taught as a painter.[8] He studied at the Art Students' League in New York for two months and then later at the Lambeth School of Art in London.[1] Wachtel married sculptor Marion Kavanagh in 1904; the two lived in the Arroyo Seco region of Los Angeles.[1] Wachtel was known for painting California's landscapes, rather than European landscapes.[1] On August 31, 1929, Wachtel died suddenly while on a painting trip in Guadalajara, Mexico.[1][3][9]

During World War I, Wachtel became an informant for the U.S. Department of Justice by reporting to federal law authorities alleged pro-German and antiwar statements by militant socialists and fellow artists.[10]

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