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The artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset during the appointment of honorary doctorates at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in 2015

Michael Elmgreen (born 1961; Copenhagen, Denmark) and Ingar Dragset (born 1969; Trondheim, Norway) have worked together as an artist duo since 1995. Their work explores the relationship between art, architecture and design.

Elmgreen & Dragset live and work in Berlin. They are known for art work that has wit and subversive humour, and also addresses social and cultural concerns.[1][2]

Life and work[edit]

The duo met in Copenhagen in 1994, when Michael Elmgreen, who was born in the city in 1961, was writing and performing poetry, and Ingar Dragset, a Norwegian born in 1969, was studying theatre.[3] They started collaborating in 1995 and moved to Berlin in 1997. In 2006, they bought a large 1000m2 former water-pumping station dating to 1924 in Berlin's Neukölln borough from the city[3] and converted it into a studio.[4] In 2008, Elmgreen moved to London, and in 2015, he moved back to Berlin.[5]

Since 1997, the artists have presented a great number of architectural and sculptural installations in an ongoing series of works entitled 'Powerless Structures'[6] in which they transformed the conventions of the 'white cube' gallery space, creating galleries suspended from the ceiling, sunk into the ground or turned upside down.[7] For the Istanbul Biennial in 2001, they constructed a full-scale model of a typical Modernist Kunsthalle descending into the ground while located outdoor among ancient ruins. Their work has also been shown in the Berlin, Istanbul, Liverpool, Moscow, São Paulo, Singapore, Gwangju Biennials.

Further exhibitions include transforming the Bohen Foundation in New York into a 13th Street Subway Station in 2004; their best-known project Prada Marfa, a Prada boutique inaugurated in 2005 and sited in the middle of the Texan desert; and their exhibition The Welfare Show in 2005–2006 at Serpentine Gallery, London / The Power Plant, Toronto / Bergen Kunsthall, Norway / BAWAG Foundation, Vienna, which was critically acclaimed.[2][8][9][10]

For the 53rd Venice Biennale in 2009 they curated the exhibition The Collectors in the neighbouring Danish and Nordic Pavilions (which include Norway, Sweden, and Denmark), an unprecedented merging of two international exhibition venues. For their show, they invited fellow artists Maurizio Cattelan, Tom of Finland, Han & Him, Laura Horelli, William E. Jones, Terence Koh, Klara Lidén, Jonathan Monk, Nico Muhly, Norway Says, Vibeke Slyngstad, Thora Dolven Balke, Nina Saunders, and Wolfgang Tillmans, among others.

In 2011, their sculpture Powerless Structures, Fig. 101 was chosen as the winner of the Fourth Plinth Commission to be displayed on the Fourth plinth of London's Trafalgar Square.[11] Their bronze sculpture of a boy astride a rocking horse questions the tradition for war monuments to celebrate either victory or defeat.[12] The work is now permanently installed outside the Arken Museum of Modern Art.[13]

In 2013, they curated an extensive public art program in Munich entitled “A Space Called Public/Hoffentlich Öffentlich”[14] and transformed the former textile galleries of the V & A Museum into the grand family home of fictional architect Norman Swann.[15] Their exhibition series “Biography” took place in 2014–2015 at the Astrup Fearnley Museet, Oslo and the SMK–National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen. In 2015 their exhibition “Aéroport Mille Plateaux” turned the PLATEAU Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul into an airport inspired by the ideas of philosopher Gilles Deleuze.[16]

Van Gogh's Ear, 2016, in New York City's Rockefeller Center

For their solo exhibition “The Well Fair” in 2016, the duo transformed the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing into a fictional art fair.[17] Also in 2016, the artists installed Van Gogh’s Ear at Rockefeller Center in New York; the 9-meter (30-foot) high, empty swimming pool stands upright on its shortest side.[18]

The artists’ first major overview in the UK, “This is How We Bite Our Tongue” was held at the Whitechapel Gallery, London, in 2018. The exhibition consisted of a large-scale site-specific installation and a survey of their sculptural works. The Whitechapel Pool, realised specifically for the show, transformed the ground-floor of the gallery into an abandoned public swimming pool fictionally dated to 1901 and related to the gentrification of the East End of London.[19]

In 2019, Elmgreen & Dragset held their first major solo exhibition in the United States: “Sculptures” at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas. Later that year, they installed a new public sculpture, “Bent Pool”, located in Miami Beach’s Pride Park, which takes the shape of a large swimming pool arching backwards to form an inverted U shape.

In Finland, the artist duo transformed the premises of EMMA – Espoo Museum of Art, into a surreal carpark environment for their exhibition “2020”, which coincided with the 25th year of Elmgreen & Dragset’s collaboration. Later that year, “The Hive” was inaugurated at the new Moynihan Hall Train Hall in Penn Station, New York. Suspended from the ceiling, “The Hive” is an upside-down, fictional cityscape illuminated by lights that will hang permanently above the 31st Street Mid-block Entrance Hall in New York City.

The following year, The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation invited Elmgreen & Dragset to create a public sculpture for the Royal Djurgården Parks in Stockholm. “Life Rings”, a towering sculpture made up of interlocking, stainless steel life rings, now stands at 7.5 meters (25 ft) high by the waterside of the public park. In 2021, the artists also received the 14th Robert Jacobsen Prize from the Würth Foundation, in Künzelsau, Germany. To celebrate the award a solo exhibition was held at the collection’s Würth Museum 2 in Künzelsau.

More recently, Elmgreen & Dragset’s extensive exhibition “Useless Bodies?” was held at Fondazione Prada in Milan through Spring and Summer of 2022. Spanning more than 3,000 square meters, the exhibition drew focus to the status of the human body in today’s digitally saturated, post-industrial world, looking at our working conditions, living modes and the health and leisure industries. In winter 2022, the artist duo will open their forthcoming exhibition “After Dark” at By Art Matters Museum in Hangzhou, China.

Permanent installations[edit]

Prada-1346603 1280

In 2003, Elmgreen & Dragset won the German Government's competition for a memorial in Tiergarten park in Berlin, in memory of the gay victims of the Nazi regime, which was unveiled in May 2008.[20][21]

Several of their sculptures are now permanently installed for the public including their commission for the Fourth plinth, now outside the Arken Museum of Modern Art; Prada Marfa (2005), on the U.S. Highway 90 in Texas; Dilemma, a site-specific sculpture of a boy on a high diving board overlooking a fjord on the outskirts of Oslo and Han, a polished steel sculpture of a young man on a rock located in the centre of the harbor in Helsingør, Denmark.[22] Han was installed in 2012 and is based on Edvard Eriksen’s famous The Little Mermaid (statue). The figure sits in a similar pose, challenging conventional portrayals of masculinity.[23]

In 2012 Elmgreen & Dragset were also selected for London’s Fourth Plinth Commission in Trafalgar Square, where they created Powerless Structures, Fig. 101. Since then, Elmgreen & Dragset have realized: Van Gogh’s Ear, first presented by Public Art Fund at the Rockefeller Center in 2016 and since exhibited with K11 Musea in Hong Kong and Wuhan; Bent Pool (2019) in Pride Park, Miami Beach; The Hive (2020), welcoming visitors to Moynihan Train Hall in Penn Station, New York; and most recently, Life Rings at Royal Djurgården, Stockholm (2021).

Performative works[edit]

In 2007, Elmgreen & Dragset developed Drama Queens, a theatre play about Twentieth Century art history with six remote-controlled versions of iconic sculptures, for Skulptur Projekte Münster.[24] During the 2008 Frieze Art Fair, they staged Drama Queens, this time enlivened by the voices of leading stage stars such as Jeremy Irons and Joseph Fiennes, at The Old Vic in London.[25]


Art market[edit]

Elmgreen & Dragset are represented by Pace Gallery (since 2020), Helga de Alvear, Kukje Gallery, Massimo De Carlo, Victoria Miro Gallery, Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Perrotin, and Taka Ishii Gallery.[32] They previously worked with Johann König until 2022.[33]

Solo exhibitions (selected)[edit]


  • Useless Bodies?, Fodazione Prada, Milan, Italy
  • Stand By Me, Massimo de Carlo Pièce Unique, Paris, France
  • After Dark, By Art Matters Museum, Hanghzhou, China (forthcoming)



  • 2020, Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Espoo, Finland
  • Short Story, König Gallery, Berlin, Germany
  • Pool, No. 8, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea
  • Elmgreen & Dragset, Pace, East Hamptons, USA












  • "The Collectors" – The Danish and Nordic Pavilions, 53rd Venice Biennale, Venezia, Italy
  • "Drama Queens", Centre Pompidou, Paris, France
  • "Trying to Remember What We Once Wanted to Forget", MUSAC, León, Spain


  • "Too Late", Victoria Miro Gallery, London, UK
  • "Drama Queens", Old Vic Theatre, London, UK
  • "Home is the Place You Left", Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Trondheim, Norway
  • "Gedenkort für die im Nazionalsozialismus verfolgten Homosexuellen", Berlin, Germany
  • "Side Effects", Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris, France.[34]


  • "This is the first day of my life" Malmö Konsthall, Malmö, Sweden[35]
  • "Ti sto pensando", Villa Manin, Centre for Contemporary Art, Passariano, Italy
  • "A Change Of Mind", Kunst am Bauzaun, Museion Bozen, Italy


  • "The Welfare Show", Serpentine Gallery, London/The Power Plant, Toronto, Ontario, Canada[8]
  • "Disgrace", Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Miami, USA
  • "The Incidental Self", Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo, Japan[36]
  • "Would You Like Your Eggs A Little Different This Morning ?", Galleria Massimo De Carlo, Milan, Italy


  • "Prada Marfa", Art Production Fund/Ballroom Marfa, Marfa, Texas[37][38]
  • "The Brightness of Shady Lives", Galeria Helga de Alvear, Madrid, Spain
  • "The Welfare Show", Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway / BAWAG Foundation, Vienna, Austria
  • "Forgotten Baby", Wrong Gallery, New York, USA
  • "End Station", Bohen Foundation, New York, USA
  • "Linienstrasse 160, Neue Mitte", Klosterfelde, Berlin, Germany[39]



  • "Paris diaries", Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris, France[42]
  • "Phone Home", Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, USA
  • "Short Cut", Nicola Trussardi Foundation, Milan, Italy
  • "Spaced out", Portikus, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • "Please, Keep Quiet", Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • "Constructed Catastrophes, Fig. 2", CCA, Kitakyushu, Japan
  • "Don't leave me this way", Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris, France


  • "How are You Today", Galleria Massimo de Carlo, Milan, Italy
  • "Powerless Structures, Fig. 229", Galeria Helga de Alvear, Madrid Spain
  • "Museum", Sala Montcada/Fundacio La Caixa, Barcelona, Spain
  • "Suspended Space", Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
  • CGAC, Santiago de Compostela, Spain


  • "Taking Place", Kunsthalle Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland
  • "Opening Soon", Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, USA
  • "A Room Defined by its Accessibility", Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • "Linienstrasse 160", Klosterfelde, Berlin, Germany
  • "Powerless Structures, Fig. 111", Portikus, Frankfurt, Germany


  • "Zwischen anderen Ereignissen", Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig, Germany[43]
  • Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney, Australia


  • Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • "Powerless Structures, Fig. 57-60", The Project, New York, USA


  • "Dug Down Gallery / Powerless Structures, Fig. 45", Galleri i8 & Reykjavik Art Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland


  • "Powerless Structures", Galleri Campbells Occasionally, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • "Twelve Hours of White Paint/Powerless Structures, Fig. 15", Galleri Tommy Lund, Odense, Denmark

Group exhibitions (selected)[edit]









  • "What We Call Love, From Surrealism to Now", performance piece, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.
  • “Man in the Mirror”, Vanhaerents Art Collection, Brussels, Belgium
  • “Poor Art–Rich Legacy. Arte Povera and parallel practices 1968–2015”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, Norway
  • “Slip of the Tongue”, Punta Della Dogana, Venice, Italy
  • “Panorama”, High Line Art, New York, USA
  • “Infinite Experience”, Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA), Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • “Days push off into nights”, Spring Workshop, Hong Kong
  • “All the World’s a Stage. Works from the Goetz Collection”, Fundación Banco Santander, Madrid, Spain
  • “No Hablaremos de Picasso”, Palacio Municipal Kiosko Alfonso, A Coruña, Spain
  • “more Konzeption Conception now”, Museum Morsbroich, Germany


  • “Power Memory People – Memorials of Today”, KØS Museum of Art in Public Spaces, Køge, Denmark
  • “GOLD”, Bass Museum of Art, Miami, USA
  • “do it Moscow”, Independent Curators International, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
  • “Man in the Mirror”, Vanhaerents Art Collection, Brussels, Belgium
  • “Attention Economy”, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria
  • “Do Not Disturb”, Gerhardsen Gerner Gallery, Oslo, Norway
  • “LOVE AIDS RIOT SEX II, Art Aids Activism from 1995 until today”, NBGK | Neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst, Berlin, Germany


Powerless Structures, Fig. 11, 1997 at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, Denmark.



  • "Untitled" (12th Istanbul Biennial), Istanbul, Turkey
  • "You Are Not Alone", Joan Miró Foundation, Barcelona, Spain


  • "Fourth Plinth Commission, Six new proposals", The Foyer, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London, UK


Elmgreen & Dragset's work is in the permanent collection of several museums across the world including:

  • Mumok, "Museum of modern art, Ludwig Foundation, Vienna, Austria
  • TBA21 Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Vienna, Austria[44]
  • Museum Hof van Busleyden, Mechelen, Belgium
  • Vanhaerents Art Collection, Brussels, Belgium
  • Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar, Belgium
  • National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada
  • Kunsthalle Praha, Prague, Czech Republic[45]
  • K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong SAR, China
  • Arken Museum of Modern Art, Ishøj, Denmark
  • ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Aarhus, Denmark
  • Dokk1, Aarhus, Denmark
  • Københavns Billedkunstudvalg, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • KØS Museum of art in public spaces, Køge, Denmark
  • KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg, Aalborg, Denmark
  • Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek, Denmark
  • Museet for Samtidskunst, Roskilde, Denmark
  • National Gallery of Denmark, Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Espoo, Finland
  • Saastamoinen Foundation, Helsinki, Finland
  • Centre National des Arts Plastiques, Paris, France
  • Fondation Emerige, Paris, France
  • Fonds national d'art contemporain, Paris, France
  • European Central Bank, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Galerie Orangerie-Reinz, Cologne, Germany
  • Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin, Germany
  • Kunstverein Springhornhof, Neuenkirchen, Germany
  • Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • KAT_Kunst am Turm, Bad Honnef-Rhöndorf, Germany
  • Kunsthalle Bremen, Bremen, Germany
  • Kunstmuseen Krefeld, Krefeld, Germany
  • Kunstverein Springhornhof, Neuenkirchen, Germany
  • Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen, Germany
  • Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany
  • Sammlung Boros, Berlin, Germany
  • Sammlung Goetz, Munich, Germany
  • Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Dresden, Germany
  • Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Stiftung Denkmal, Berlin, Germany
  • Sunpride Foundation, Hong Kong
  • Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel
  • Fondazione Prada, Milan, Italy
  • Museion, Bolzano, Italy
  • Fukutake Art Museum Foundation, Naoshima, Japan[46]
  • Aïshti Foundation, Beirut, Lebanon[47]
  • Colección Jumex, Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Sculpture International Rotterdam (SIR), Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo, Norway
  • Ekebergparken Sculpture Park, Oslo, Norway
  • Kistefos-Museet, Jevnaker, Norway[48]
  • Equinor Art Programme, Stavanger, Norway
  • Kistefos-Museet, Jevnaker, Norway
  • Kode Art Museums, Bergen, Norway
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  • Nasjonalmuseet, Oslo, Norway
  • Park of the School of Agriculture, Ås, Norway
  • Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Trondheim, Norway
  • Anyang Foundation for Culture & Arts, Anyang, South Korea
  • Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea
  • Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Helga de Alvear, Cáceres, Spain
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  • Art Production Fund / Ballroom Marfa, Marfa, USA
  • Chazen Museum of Art, Madison, USA
  • Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, USA
  • Denver Art Museum, Denver, USA
  • The Donum Estate, Sonoma, USA
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Chicago, USA
  • Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, USA


  • Powerless Structures, Fig. 101, Mayor of London's Fourth Plinth Commission, Trafalgar Square, London, UK, 2012
  • Han commissioned by city of Helsingør, the sculpture installed in the center of the harbor basin as a protagonist in Kulturhavn Kronborg, 2012
  • Louis Vuitton New Bond Street Maison and Louis Vuitton Librairie, London, 2012[49]
  • Van Gogh’s Ear, Rockefeller Center, New York, 2016[50]
  • To Whom It May Concern, FIAC HORS LES MURS, Place Vendôme, Paris, 2018[51]
  • Zero, East Asiatic, Bangkok Art Biennale, 2018
  • The Hive, Moynihan Train Hall, New York, USA, 2020
  • Life Rings, Royal Djurgården, Stockholm, Sweden, 2021


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