Elmo Says Boo!

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Elmo Says BOO!
Movie Poster Elmo Says BOO!.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Emily Squires
Lisa Simon
Jon Stone
Produced by Karin Young Shiel
Written by Michael J. Wilson
Rob Letterman
Starring Jerry Nelson
Kevin Clash
Music by David Axlerod
Tony Geiss
Steven Lawrence
Jeff Moss
Sam Pottle
Joe Raposo
Mark Saltzman
Edited by Peter Lonsdale
John Venzon
Distributed by Sony Wonder (USA, 1997 VHS release and 2002 DVD release only)
Genius Products (USA, DVD only)
Walt Disney Home Video (UK)
Release date
1997, 2002
Running time
30 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Elmo Says BOO! is a 1997 Sesame Street direct-to-video special celebrating Halloween. Elmo visits The Count's castle to tell him funny scary jokes. Classic Sesame Street segments are separated with new joke segments set in the castle's exterior, featuring one Sesame Street character and a child, and interior, featuring the Count, Elmo, and some combination of the bats, the skeleton, the ghost, a painting of the "Groana Lisa," a suit of armor and the Count's pipe organ.


In the US, Elmo Says BOO! was released on VHS by Sony Wonder on July 8, 1997, and on DVD by the same company on July 16, 2002. Its UK releases were on VHS by Walt Disney Home Video in 1999, and on DVD by Genius Products.

DVD chapters[edit]

  1. Elmo Visits the Count
  2. The Count Sings
  3. Elmo Scares Julia
  4. Scary Song: Transylvania 12345
  5. Silly Song: We're All Monsters
  6. Bert and Ernie Explore
  7. Funny Song: Frazzle Laughs
  8. Batty Song: Doin' the Batty Bat


Executive Producer: Nancy Kanter
Producer: Karin Young Shiel
Writers: Annie Evans, Emily Perl Kingsley, Mark Saltzman, Nancy Sans
Directors: Emily Squires, Lisa Simon, Jon Stone
Starring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets
Jerry Nelson as The Count, Elmo (some lines), Frazzle and Maurice Monster
Kevin Clash as Elmo and Kingston Livingston III
Muppet Performers: Martin P. Robinson, David Rudman, Joey Mazzarino, Carmen Osbahr, Peter Linz, Richard Hunt, Frank Oz, Jim Henson
Special Appearances by Julia Roberts, Lillias White
Songs: David Axlerod, Tony Geiss, Steven Lawrence, Jeff Moss, Sam Pottle, Joe Raposo, Mark Saltzman
Additional Music: David Lawrence
Puppet Captain: Kevin Clash
Jim Henson's Muppet Workshop: Mark Zeszotek, Kip Rathke, Lara MacLean
Production Designer: Bob Phillips
Lighting Designer: Bill Berner
Production Manager: Zova Kachadurian
Production Coordinator: Carol Colmenares
Associate Director: Ken Diego
Graphic Designers: Mike Pantuso, Pete Ortiz
Set Decorator: Nat Mongioi
Stage Manager: Zova Kachadurian
Editor: Dean M. Permé
Post Graphics Design: Amy Love
Camera: Frank Biondo, Mark Whitman, Bill Akerlund
Audio: Blake Norton, Carla Bandini-Lory
Post Audio: Of Sound Mind, Inc.
Music Supervisor: Dave Conner
Technical Director: Ralph Mensch
Video: Dick Sens
Control Room PA: Carol Colmenares
Talent Coordinator: Danette De Sena
Child Talent Coordinator: Jason Schneider
Child Talent: Joseph Brancale, Cecilia Gonzales, Eileen Gonzales, Melissa Remo, Nicholas Sullivan
Wardrobe: Colleen Noe
Production Assistants: John McDonald, Dionne Nosek
Production Interns: Monisha Harrell, Anne Pierce, Kara Quillico
Vice President/Director of Research: Shalom Fisch, Ph.D.
Research Team: Susan Scheiner, Ivelisse Segui-Baez, Ph.D., Tracey Black, Evangelean Pope
Executive In Charge Of Production For Sony Wonder: Becky Mancuso-Winding
Special Thanks: Marjorie Kalins, Nan Halperin, Jodi Nussbaum, Ted Green, Wendy Moss, Renee Rachelle, Benedetta Campisi, John Phillips, Chuck Nankivell, Jeff Holder, Amy Cohen