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Eloá Pimentel hostage crisis refers to the kidnapping, hostage situation and murder of Brazilian 15-year-old girl Eloá Cristina Pimentel in October 13, 2008, which was accompanied by the shooting of her friend Nayara Silva, both committed by Eloá's ex-boyfriend Lindemberg Alves. The incident received major media exposure not only because of the shootings, but also because of the mistakes committed by the police of São Paulo, and also because Eloá was held as a hostage for 100 hours – the longest kidnapping ever registered in the state of São Paulo.[1] The trial of Alves started on February 13, 2012, exactly three years and four months after the crime.

The kidnapping[edit]

On October 13, 2008, Eloá Pimentel, Nayara da Silva and two friends were working on a school project, when Eloá's 22-year-old ex-boyfriend, Lindemberg Fernandes Alves, broke into her apartment in Santo André, holding a pistol. He soon released the two boys, but held Eloá and Nayara. The GATE (Grupo de Ações Táticas Especiais, or Special Tactical Actions Group) closely followed the situation. On October 16, da Silva was eventually released by Alves, but she offered to return to the apartment, to try to negotiate with the kidnapper. After she entered the apartment, she was held hostage again. Hours later, shots were heard coming from the apartment, and the GATE decided to storm in the apartment. They eventually stopped and immobilized him, but not before he could put two bullets in Eloá (one in the head and other in the groin), and one in Nayara's face.[2] Eloá, severely wounded, was taken to the hospital, but was brain dead due to brain damage and died on October 18, at 23:30.[3]


The body of Eloá Pimentel was buried in the Jardim Santo André cemetery, in Santo André, and the ceremony was attended by ten thousand people.[4] Her heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys and cornea were donated, which will benefit seven people.[5] It was later discovered that Eloá's father, Everaldo Pereira dos Santos, was suspect of murdering two people in the state of Alagoas.[6] Everaldo Pereira dos Santos ran away during the incident but was captured on December 28, 2009, in Maceió.[7]

The trial of Lindemberg Alves Fernandes lasted 4 days, from February 13 to February 16, 2012. He was found guilty of all 12 crimes he committed, and condemned to 98 years and 10 months of imprisonment. Brazilian law, however, limits the penalty time to 30 years.[8]


The incident was widely commented because of the mistakes committed by the police, especially the fact that they allowed Nayara to return to the apartment. Marcos do Val, a Brazilian instructor of the SWAT, pointed out other mistakes, such as allowing the kidnapping to last for so many days, not shooting Lindemberg with a Sniper, taking too long to storm into the apartment after the explosion of the door, and not using the back door or the windows.[9]


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