Eloise Drew

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Eloise Drew
Nancy Drew Mystery Stories character
First appearance The Message in the Hollow Oak
Last appearance The Sign of the Falcon
Created by
Mildred Benson
Nickname(s) Aunt Eloise
Occupation Teacher (Nancy Drew books)
Librarian (Nancy Drew game, Secrets Can Kill)
Family Carson Drew (brother)
Lena Drew (mother)
Nancy Drew (niece)
Nancy's mother (late sister-in-law)
Nationality American

Eloise Drew is a character who appears occasionally in the popular Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series. She's the sister of Carson Drew, Nancy's father, and is said to live in New York City. In the book, it's mentioned that Eloise works as a teacher at a private school in New York City, but in the game, Secrets Can Kill, it's said that she's a librarian.[1] Many of Eloise's friends are mentioned to be professional detectives, and whenever Eloise can, she references her niece, Nancy, to get her involved in new cases.[2] Before asking Nancy anything about coming up to talk about new cases, Eloise always asks Carson first, to not ensue any disappointment in Nancy. Whenever Nancy visits her aunt in New York City, many exciting events involving Nancy's mysteries occur when the detective stays with her aunt,[3] who's mentioned to live by herself in an apartment complex.

When Nancy's mother (Carson's wife/Eloise's sister-in-law) died, Eloise considered moving to River Heights and living with her brother and niece, but the private school Eloise worked at needed her, and when Hannah Gruen was hired by the Drew family, Eloise ultimately decided to stay in New York City. Eloise hosts Nancy and her friends often throughout the series (mostly when they're staying in New York City for an extended period of time). She's the one who introduces to Nancy the case that is the subject of The Mystery of the Fire Dragon and The Message in the Hollow Oak. Eloise Drew occasionally assists Nancy in her sleuthing, and loves her niece dearly.

In Other Nancy Drew Series[edit]


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