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Elon Cody Starbuck is a fictional space pirate created by American comics artist Howard Chaykin. He first appeared in Star Reach magazine issue #1 (1974), and also appeared in various issues of the comics magazine Heavy Metal. Like Chaykin's Ironwolf, Dominic Fortune and Monark Starstalker, Starbuck is a swashbuckling, "morally ambivalent, free-wheeling good/bad guy in a decadent, sexually explicit universe, who looks more than a little bit like [Chaykin] himself."[1]

Publication history[edit]

  • Star*Reach #1 – first appearance; 16 pages, black and white. A planetary lord hired Starbuck to rescue his bride, who had been kidnapped for ransom by a monk of the Sanctuary of St.Berryl, a former leper colony.
  • Star*Reach #4: The Return of Cody Starbuck (1976)
  • Cody Starbuck one-shot, published by Star*Reach, 1978
  • Portfolio of four full-colour prints, published by S.Q. Productions, 1980
  • Heavy Metal Vol. 5 No. 2, May 1981, p. 48–59 and back cover
  • Heavy Metal Vol. 5 No. 3, June 1981, p. 82–89
  • Heavy Metal Vol. 5 No. 4, July 1981, p. 82–89
  • Heavy Metal Vol. 5 No. 5, August 1981, p. 82–89
  • Heavy Metal Vol. 5 No. 6, September 1981, p. 34–43
  • The Star*Reach Companion, 2013



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