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Elopak is a Norwegian company producing cartons for liquids, starting with aseptic gable top cartons for milk. The company was founded in 1957 by Johan Henrik Andresen and Christian August Johansen as a European licensee of Pure-Pak,[1] the Elopak name standing for European License Of PURE-PAK. In 1987, Elopak bought the Ex-Cell-O Packaging Systems Division from which it was originally a licensee, and hence got full ownership of Pure-Pak.

The CEO of the company was Bjørn Flatgård from 1996 until his resignation in 2007.[2] The current CEO is Thomas Körmendi. Körmendi joined the company in 2018.[3]

In 2003 the company had approximately 2,500 employees and a revenue of about 4 billion Norwegian Kroner,[1] and is the world's third largest supplier of packaging for beverages.[4]

All production now takes place outside Norway.[1] It is instead produced in Finland.[5] The company's headquarters are in Spikkestad.

The company is currently owned by the investment company Ferd AS.[1]


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