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Photograph of the singer Elouise performing on stage at London's "Under the Stars" concert
Elouise performing on stage at London's "Under the Stars" concert in September 2009.

Elouise (born Louise Joanne Freeman) is an English singer. Working on her first album with Steve Anderson and Terry Ronald amongst others. Anderson, once one half of the dance outfit Brothers in Rhythm, often works with the singer Kylie Minogue composing the music for her tours.

Elouise appeared before a crowd of thousands at London's Trafalgar Square, as one of the Main Stage headline acts at the Pride London 2009 celebrations on 4 July.[1] She also appeared at "Under the Stars",[2] one of East London's biggest outdoor music events, on 5 September.

Elouise's first song, "Another Day" has picked up airplay on Sirius Radio in the United States through the support of the radio DJ Larry Flick. In September 2009 she was interviewed by Flick where she confirmed the recording of the album and the premiered her second track from the album "Pretender".

Elouise released an EP under the title The Stardust EP on 22 April 2010. It contained three songs, "Another Day", "Pretender" and "Fireman of My Dreams". The EP was produced by Steve Anderson.[3]


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