Elov Persson

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Elov Persson
Elov Persson.jpg
Born (1894-07-10)10 July 1894
Torsåker Parish, Sweden
Died 9 July 1970(1970-07-09) (aged 75)
Torsåker Parish, Sweden
Nationality Swedish
Occupation Cartoonist, comic artist
Known for Kronblom
Spouse(s) Signe Tjerneld (m. 1922)[1]
Children 4[1]

Elov V Persson (10 July 1894 – 9 July 1970) was a Swedish cartoonist and comic artist who created of one of Sweden's most popular comic strips, Kronblom.

Born in Hästbo, a dispersed settlement in Hofors Municipality, Gävleborg County, Elov Persson created Kronblom in 1927 and the strip was published in the Swedish magazine Vårt Hem. A year after the creation of Kronblom, Persson created another comic strip, August och Lotta [August and Lotta]. Kronblom was such a part of Sweden's popular culture that two live-action film versions were produced, Kronblom (sv) in 1947 and Kronblom kommer till stan (sv) in 1949, with popular star Ludde Gentzel, 62 years old at the time of the first film's production, playing the slow-moving, but quick-thinking title character. Persson appeared in the first film playing an unbilled cameo as himself.

Elov Persson died in his native Gävleborg County's Torsåker Parish, one day before his 76th birthday. In subsequent years, his son Gunnar continued Kronblom, while August och Lotta was continued by his other son, Ingvar.


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