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Eloy Fominaya, PhD (b. 10 Jun 1925 New York City; d. 8 Apr 2002, Augusta, Georgia), was an American contemporary composer, music educator at the collegiate level, conductor, violinist, and, as of 1985, a luthier.[1]

His obituary in The Augusta Chronicle stated that had been a child prodigy in music. Fominaya played the violin for Eleanor Roosevelt at the White House before the age of ten and, by the age of 15, performed Felix Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in D with the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington, D.C.

Beginning 1966, Fominaya served as chair of the Fine Arts Department at Augusta State University for 16 years. In total, Fominaya served 33 years at Augusta State University, teaching violin, composition, contemporary harmony/humanities and counterpoint. He retired as a Professor of Music at age 70.

Fominaya was an associate conductor of the Augusta Symphony and played violin in the orchestra. He was musical director and conductor of the Augusta Chorale Society for 12 years. He was director of the Augusta Youth Orchestra from 1966 to 1994.[2]

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