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Elsa Lim
Chinese name
Pinyin Lín Yùtíng (Mandarin)
Origin  Singapore
Born  Singapore
Occupation singer
Genre(s) Mandopop
Years active 1998–2001

Elsa Lim (Chinese: 林玉婷; pinyin: Lín Yùtíng) is a Singaporean singer. Jim Lim (songwriter, record producer, keyboardist) is her elder brother. She performed Singapore's official millennium song Moments of Magic. Performing in a pop trio comprising Singapore's Fann Wong, Tanya Chua and herself, the millennium song was released as a CD in Singapore. Currently a Physics teacher.

She collaborated with filmmaker Eric Khoo who directed the music video in Singapore.



Album description by Rock Records
Released: October, 1998
  1. 摆脱
  2. 拒绝不了
  3. 堕落的承诺
  4. 不说
  5. 就是走了
  6. 放爱放假去
  7. 一点点
  8. 错就错
  9. 唔…喔…耶…
  10. 没有遗憾
  11. 爱情早餐
  12. 相信 (theme song for Stand by Me)

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