Elsa Skjerven

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Elsa Skjerven in 1968

Elsa R. Skjerven (11 December 1919 – 29 October 2005) was a Norwegian politician for the Christian Democratic Party.

She was born in Oslo.

She was never elected to the Norwegian Parliament, but served in the position of deputy representative from Sør-Trøndelag during the terms 1965–1969, 1969–1973 and 1973–1977.

In 1965 Skjerven was appointed Minister of Family and Consumer Affairs in the centre-right cabinet Borten. She held the position until the Borten cabinet fell in 1971.

Skjerven was a member of Trondheim city council from 1959 to 1983, as well as a member of Sør-Trøndelag county council in 1979–1982.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Aase Bjerkholt
Minister of Family and Consumer Affairs
Succeeded by
Inger Louise Valle