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Elsdon Storey is an Australian neurologist, former Rhodes Scholar[1] & Professor of Neurology at Monash University.[2] His clinical and research interests are in neurogenetics (especially the hereditary ataxias) and behavioural neurology (especially the dementias).

After clinical neurology training in Oxford and Melbourne, and research training at Oxford, Massachusetts General Hospital and with Colin Masters at Melbourne University, Elsdon Storey was appointed as the first Van Cleef Roet Professor of Neuroscience at Monash in 1996. He is also Head of the Alfred Neurology Unit. He is on the Council of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists as Neurology Co-Editor of their official Journal (the Journal of Clinical Neuroscience), and the Boards of the Brain Foundation, Neurosciences Victoria, and the Bethlehem-Griffiths Foundation.

Storey is famed amongst his students and colleagues for his excellent impersonations (demonstrations of symptoms of various neurological disorders), as well as demonstrations of the different types of movement disorders, especially hemiballismus. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians changed their assessment method after a poor registrar had to perform a neurology examination in front of him. At the end of the examination, the registrar was presented with evidence based reasoning to why his method for sensory testing was neither sensitive nor specific, and was handed a research article demonstrating a more appropriate method; something Storey had prepared earlier.[citation needed]