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Else Marie Fisher-Bergman (1 March 1918 – 3 March 2006), born in Melbourne, Australia, was a Swedish choreographer, dancer, theatre director and writer. She was married to Swedish director Ingmar Bergman 1943–46, with whom she had a daughter, Lena Bergman.[1]

Fisher wrote several children's books and theatre plays (including Beppo the Clown (Clownen Beppo), a dance pantomime directed by Ingmar Bergman[2]), while working as a choreographer and director at various theaters in Sweden.[1]



  • 1948 – Stanna en stund!
  • 1950 – Två trappor över gården
  • 1952 – Bom the Flyer (Flyg-Bom)
  • 1956 – Rasmus, Pontus och Toker


  • 1956 – Det renaste ni drömt om...
  • 1957 – The Seventh Seal (Det sjunde inseglet)


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