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Elsham is a leading human rights non-governmental organization based in Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia. Since opening in the 1980s the Institute of Human Rights Studies and Advocacy, or Elsham as it is better known, has been a trusted Papuan group which reports human rights violations in Papua.[citation needed]

In June 2003 the Indonesian Military Commander, Maj. Gen. Nurdin Zainal, issued orders for the arrest of:

  1. John Rumbiak, Supervisor of ELSHAM
  2. Yohanis G. Bonay, Director of ELSHAM
  3. Koran Tempo, a Jakarta-based daily
  4. the editor of Koran Tempo
  5. Suara Karya, a Jakarta-based daily
  6. the editor of Suara Karya

upon charges of publishing a story about TNI (Indonesian military) troops ambushing a bus. The incident in question occurred August 31, 2002 when a bus carrying employees and family from the Freeport International school was attacked. Three teachers (including two Americans) were killed, 14 others were injured. Local statements and FBI investigations in 2003 suggest a likelihood that the TNI or Kopassus (elite troops) were responsible.