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ELTA Systems Ltd
Founded1967; 52 years ago (1967)
ProductsRadar, C4ISTAR, RF, SIGINT, EW
RevenueIncreaseUS$ 1,113.9 million (2014)
OwnerIsrael Aerospace Industries
Number of employees
3500 (2015)
Elta EL/M-2022U UAV radar

ELTA Systems Ltd is an Israeli provider of defense products and services specializing in radar, C4ISTAR, RF, SIGINT, EW and Cyber products.

ELTA, a group and subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries, is one of Israel's major defence electronics companies specializing in a variety of fields. The company was established in 1967 and moved to Ashdod as part of Levi Eshkol's policy of industry decentralization. The group operates as a defence systems house with products based on electromagnetic sensors (radar, electronic warfare and communication) and on other advanced technologies.[1]

ELTA products are designed for use in Intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR), early warning & control, homeland security (HLS), self-protection and self-defence, fire control and Cyber Defense and Intelligence applications. ELTA operates a worldwide marketing network, which includes customer service and after-sales facilities.


Elta EL/M-20600 radar detection pod

IMINT & Radar Division[edit]

ELTA is Israel's leading radar house and a design, development and production center for advanced systems based on radar sensors and technologies. The division's systems are designed for imagery intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, air-defence, self-defence, target acquisition and fire control applications. ELTA's IMINT & radar division also has homeland defence solutions for several critical applications such as ground and coastal border protection systems; systems for protecting international border crossings (airports, harbors, roads and railways); commercial aircraft self-protection Systems; SIGINT information gathering systems focusing on terror infrastructures and urban emergency centers.

SIGINT, EW & Communication Division[edit]

Design, development and production center for advanced SIGINT, EW and communication systems based on electromagnetic sensors. ELTA SIGINT, EW & communication division systems are designed for signal intelligence (SIGINT - ELINT & COMINT), self-defence, electronic warfare and communication applications, and include advanced data links and SATCOM.

AEW Division[edit]

ELTA AEW division is a system house for design, development, integration and management of airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) programs.

Technologies Division[edit]

The ELTA technologies division develops cutting-edge core technologies, providing ELTA systems with independent capabilities to manufacture critical super components and subsystems for various applications, such as miniaturized microwave modules, antennas, transmitters, signal processors, etc., as well as special automatic test equipment. In addition, this division constitutes the manufacture, procurement, and logistic center of the ELTA systems group.

Microwave Division[edit]

Deals with various microwave transmission applications.

Sales and backlog[edit]

Sales in 2017 reached $1689M, of which close to 90% was exported to armed forces of over 50 countries worldwide and 10% was sold to domestically, where ELTA is major supplier to the IDF.

Trump's Wall[edit]

In 2017, ELTA's North America division received $500,000 to build a prototype of President Trump's border wall.

Business development[edit]

The group has holdings in subsidiaries/affiliated companies located in Israel, Europe and South America. ELTA Systems is often a partner in teaming agreements with numerous other defense companies around the world. ELTA is also active in paramilitary and commercial markets.


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