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ELTIS is short for the 'European Local Transport Information Service'. This is a (non-profit) European portal for local transport news and events, transport measures, policies and practices implemented in cities and regions across Europe.


The efficient movement of people and goods is one of the main challenges facing most European towns and cities today. Many initiatives to improve the mobility of people and the distribution of goods in an economically and environmentally efficient manner have been launched over the past few years. In an attempt to exchange experiences, a great deal of information has already been published on the Internet and project reports, yet it is often inconsistent and hard to find.

ELTIS — the European Local Transport Information Service — is a response to this need. An initiative of the European Commission's Directorate General for Energy and Transport (now split into Energy and Mobility and Transport), ELTIS enables the exchange of information and experience in the field of urban transport and mobility.

It is designed for everyone involved in improving mobility, transport efficiency and safety as well as reducing the environmental impacts of transport. It is particularly useful for transport operators, managers and policy-makers. ELTIS aims to be the number one webportal on clean urban transport in Europe.

This comprehensive website contains:

  • News on urban transport and mobility;
  • Policies and initiatives of the European Commission;
  • Open project calls and tenders;
  • Tools for practitioners;
  • Case studies on urban transport;
  • Teaching and learning materials; and
  • A platform to exchange experience.

News and events[edit]

The section 'NEWS AROUND EUROPE' provides a regularly updated round-up of the latest local, regional, national and European transport news, which is relevant for local policy makers.

The section 'NEWS OF EU INITIATIVES AND POLICIES' provides access to urban transport related European policy papers that set the framework for further action at local, regional and national level. It also points to relevant ongoing initiatives supported by the European Commission which aim to increase exchange of information and experience in order to enhance sustainable mobility in cities and regions.

'EVENTS' offers a listing of upcoming conferences, seminars, and workshops on urban transport. Where provided, on-line registration for these events is possible. You can also search an archive of past events and submit details of your own events with the form provided.

The 'LINKS' contains web links for selected European institutions, organisations and initiatives in the field of urban transport and mobility.

'CALLS AND TENDERS' provides information and links to EU funded calls for proposals and calls for tenders under various programmes relevant to urban and regional transport.

'TOOLS FOR PRACTITIONERS' provides local policy makers and officials responsible for implementing policies with access to training programmes, good practice guides, evaluation tools, practical guidelines and handbooks.

Case studies[edit]

The 'CASE STUDIES' offer instructive examples of innovative transport solutions. The database currently contains more than 500 good practice case studies. In addition, ELTIS gives its users the possibility to submit good practice case studies themselves. As an information dissemination tool, ELTIS offers its users the possibility to spread their good practice examples.

The case studies are classified into 13 local transport concepts:

  • Clean and energy-efficient vehicles, see also Sustainable transport
  • Cycling
  • Demand management and pricing
  • Flexible mobility services
  • Integration, intermodality, organisation of transport
  • Mobility management & Travel awareness
  • Public passenger transport, see Public Transport
  • Safety and security, see Traffic Safety
  • Traffic management
  • Transport and land use planning
  • Transport for people with reduced mobility
  • Urban goods traffic / city logistics
  • Walking

The search function provides the option to search by keyword. More than 80 keywords are provided in order to facilitate the search for case studies.

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