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Elton John discography
Elton John on stage, 2008.jpg
Elton John on stage in July 2008
Studio albums33
Live albums5
Compilation albums17
Soundtrack albums8
Remix albums1

The albums discography of Elton John consists of 33 studio albums, 5 live albums, 7 soundtrack albums, 16 compilation albums and 3 extended plays, as well as 2 other albums. John has sold more than 300 million records worldwide.[1][2]

The singles discography consists of 128 official singles and 17 as featured artist, as well as 40 other non-single guest appearances. Across his career, John has yielded 57 top 40 hits in the United States, only second to Elvis Presley in total,[3] with 27 of those hitting the top ten and 9 achieving number-one. In his native United Kingdom, he has accumulated 71 top 40 singles, including 33 top tens and 8 number-ones. In 1997, John released the double A-side single "Something About the Way You Look Tonight/Candle in the Wind 1997" in dedication to the memory of Diana, Princess of Wales. It subsequently hit number-one in every country that it charted in and became the biggest selling single of all-time since the UK and US charts began in the 1950s, with sales of 33 million.[4] John has sold 100 million singles worldwide.[2]

Elton John was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1994) and, with Bernie Taupin, into the Songwriters Hall of Fame (1992). In 2013 John and Taupin received the Johnny Mercer Award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame. In 2008 John was ranked the 3rd most successful artist on Billboard Hot 100 Top All-Time Artists,[5] making him the most successful solo male. He is ranked 6th artist with most weeks at No. 1, 6th artist with most Hot 100 hits, 10th artist with most No. 1 records, and 2nd artist with most No. 1 records in the '70s, among others. His 1997 single "Candle in the Wind 1997/Something About the Way You Look Tonight" spent 14 weeks at no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and according to the Recording Industry Association of America, with certified sales it is "the best-selling single of all time".[6][7] The Guinness World Records 2009 states that the song is "the biggest-selling single since UK and US singles charts began in the 1950s, having accumulated worldwide sales of 33 million copies" and is the best-selling single worldwide of all time.[8][9] John's most successful studio album is his seventh studio album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, which has sold over 31 million copies worldwide.[10][11]

In July 2013, as John's single "Home Again" entered Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart, Elton John extended his own record for most adult contemporary hits (69 entries in the chart's 52-year history).[12] In March 2014 John's single "Can't Stay Alone Tonight" entered Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart, making the record of 70 AC Chart hits.


Title Release date Album type
Empty Sky 6 June 1969 Studio
Elton John 10 April 1970 Studio
Tumbleweed Connection 30 October 1970 Studio
17-11-70 12 March 1971 Live
Friends 24 March 1971 Soundtrack
Madman Across the Water 5 November 1971 Studio
Honky Château 19 May 1972 Studio
Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player 22 January 1973 Studio
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 5 October 1973 Studio
Caribou 28 June 1974 Studio
Elton John's Greatest Hits 8 November 1974 Compilation
Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy 19 May 1975 Studio
Rock of the Westies 24 October 1975 Studio
Here and There 30 April 1976 Live
Blue Moves 22 October 1976 Studio
Elton John's Greatest Hits Volume II 13 September 1977 Compilation
A Single Man 1 October 1978 Studio
The Thom Bell Sessions June 1979 EP
Victim of Love 13 October 1979 Studio
Lady Samantha 1 March 1980 Compilation
21 at 33 13 May 1980 Studio
The Very Best of Elton John 18 October 1980 Compilation
The Fox 20 May 1981 Studio
Jump Up! 9 April 1982 Studio
Love Songs 29 October 1982 Compilation
Too Low for Zero 14 October 1983 Studio
The Superior Sound of Elton John (1970–1975) 1983/1984 Compilation
Breaking Hearts 9 July 1984 Studio
Your Songs 14 July 1985 Compilation
Ice on Fire 7 November 1985 Studio
Leather Jackets 15 October 1986 Studio
Live in Australia with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra 13 June 1987 Live
Elton John's Greatest Hits Volume III 12 November 1987 Compilation
Reg Strikes Back 24 June 1988 Studio
The Complete Thom Bell Sessions February 1989 Studio
Sleeping with the Past 29 August 1989 Studio
The Very Best of Elton John 1 October 1990 Compilation
To Be Continued... 8 November 1990 Compilation
The One 23 June 1992 Studio
Rare Masters 20 October 1992 Compilation
Greatest Hits 1976–1986 3 November 1992 Compilation
Duets 22 November 1993 Studio
The Lion King 31 May 1994 Soundtrack
Chartbusters Go Pop 1994 Compilation
Made in England 17 March 1995 Studio
Love Songs 6 November 1995 Compilation
The Big Picture 22 September 1997 Studio
Elton John and Tim Rice's Aida 22 March 1999 Soundtrack
The Muse 24 August 1999 Soundtrack
The Road to El Dorado 14 March 2000 Soundtrack
One Night Only – The Greatest Hits 21 November 2000 Live
Songs from the West Coast 1 October 2001 Studio
Greatest Hits 1970–2002 11 November 2002 Compilation
Peachtree Road 7 November 2004 Studio
Billy Elliot the Musical 7 February 2006 Soundtrack
The Captain & the Kid 15 September 2006 Studio
Rocket Man: The Definitive Hits 26 March 2007 Compilation
The Union (with Leon Russell) 19 October 2010 Studio
Gnomeo & Juliet 8 February 2011 Soundtrack
The Diving Board 16 September 2013 Studio
Wonderful Crazy Night 5 February 2016 Studio
Diamonds 10 November 2017 Compilation
Live From Moscow 24 January 2020 Live


Year Single Album
1968 "I've Been Loving You" Non-album single
1969 "Lady Samantha"
"It's Me That You Need"
1970 "Border Song"/"Bad Side of the Moon" Elton John
"Rock n' Roll Madonna" Non-album single
"From Denver to L.A." The Games soundtrack
1971 "Your Song" Elton John
"Friends" Friends soundtrack
"Levon" Madman Across the Water
1972 "Tiny Dancer"
"Rocket Man" Honky Château
"Honky Cat"
"Crocodile Rock" Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player'
1973 "Daniel"
"Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting" Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"
"Step into Christmas" Non-album single
1974 "Candle in the Wind" Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
"Bennie and the Jets"
"Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" Caribou
"The Bitch Is Back"
"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" Non-album singles
1975 "Philadelphia Freedom"
"Someone Saved My Life Tonight" Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy
"Island Girl" Rock of the Westies
1976 "Grow Some Funk of Your Own"/"I Feel Like a Bullet (In the Gun of Robert Ford)"
"Pinball Wizard" Tommy soundtrack
"Love Song" (with Lesley Duncan) Here and There
"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" (with Kiki Dee) Non-album single
"Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" Blue Moves
1977 "Crazy Water"
"Bite Your Lip (Get Up and Dance!)"
"The Goaldiggers Song" Non-album singles
1978 "Ego"
"Part-Time Love" A Single Man
"Song for Guy"
1979 "Return to Paradise"
"Are You Ready for Love" The Thom Bell Sessions
"Mama Can't Buy You Love"
"Victim of Love" Victim of Love
"Johnny B. Goode"
1980 "Little Jeannie" 21 at 33
"Sartorial Eloquence (Don't Ya Wanna Play This Game No More?)"
"Dear God"
1981 "Les Aveux" / "Donner Pour Donner" (with France Gall) Non-album singles
"I Saw Her Standing There" (with John Lennon)
"Nobody Wins" The Fox
"Just Like Belgium"
1982 "Blue Eyes" Jump Up!
"Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)"
"Ball and Chain"
"All Quiet on the Western Front"
1983 "I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues" Too Low for Zero
"I'm Still Standing"
"Kiss the Bride"
"Cold as Christmas (In the Middle of the Year)"
1984 "Too Low for Zero"
"Sad Songs (Say So Much)" Breaking Hearts
"Who Wears These Shoes?"
"In Neon"
1985 "Breaking Hearts (Ain't What It Used to Be)"
"Act of War" (featuring Millie Jackson) Ice on Fire
"Wrap Her Up"
1986 "Cry to Heaven"
"Heartache All Over the World" Leather Jackets (album)
"Slow Rivers" (featuring Cliff Richard)
1987 "Your Song" (with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra) Live in Australia
"Candle in the Wind" (with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra)
1988 "Take Me to the Pilot" (with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra)
"I Don't Wanna Go on with You Like That" Reg Strikes Back
"Town of Plenty"
"A Word in Spanish"
"Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters (Part Two)"/"A Word in Spanish"
1989 "Healing Hands" Sleeping with the Past
1990 "Sacrifice"/"Healing Hands"
"Club at the End of the Street"
"You Gotta Love Someone" The Very Best of Elton John
"Easier to Walk Away"
"Blue Avenue" Sleeping with the Past
1991 "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" (with George Michael) Duets
1992 "The One" The One
"Runaway Train" (with Eric Clapton)
"The Last Song"
1993 "Simple Life"
"True Love" (with Kiki Dee) Duets
1994 "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" (with RuPaul)
"Shakey Ground" (with Don Henley)
"Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" (with Marcella Detroit)
"Can You Feel the Love Tonight" The Lion King soundtrack
"Circle of Life"
1995 "Believe" Made in England
"Made in England"
1996 "Please"
"You Can Make History (Young Again)" Love Songs
"Live Like Horses" (with Luciano Pavarotti) The Big Picture
1997 "Something About the Way You Look Tonight"
"Candle in the Wind 1997" Non-album single
1998 "Recover Your Soul" The Big Picture
"If the River Can Bend"
1999 "Written in the Stars" (with LeAnn Rimes) Elton John and Tim Rice's Aida
"A Step Too Far"
2000 "Someday Out of the Blue" The Road to El Dorado soundtrack
"Friends Never Say Goodbye"
2001 "I Want Love" Songs from the West Coast
2002 "This Train Don't Stop There Anymore"
"Original Sin"
"Your Song" (with Alessandro Safina) Non-album single
2003 "Are You Ready for Love" (re-release)
"The Heart of Every Girl" Mona Lisa Smile soundtrack
2004 "Answer in the Sky" Peachtree Road
"All That I'm Allowed (I'm Thankful)"
2005 "Turn the Lights Out When You Leave"
2006 "The Bridge" The Captain & the Kid
"Calling It Christmas" (with Joss Stone) Elton John's Christmas Party
2010 "If It Wasn't for Bad" (with Leon Russell) The Union
2012 "Good Morning to the Night" (vs Pnau) Good Morning to the Night
"Sad" (vs Pnau)
2013 "Home Again" The Diving Board
"Mexican Vacation (Kids in the Candlelight)"
2014 "Can't Stay Alone Tonight"
2015 "Looking Up" Wonderful Crazy Night
"Wonderful Crazy Night"
2016 "Blue Wonderful"

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