Eluru Municipal Corporation

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Eluru Municipal Corporation
Eluru Corporation Board.jpg
Shaik Noorjahan
Corporation Commissioner
Y.Sai Sreekanth
Eluru Municipal corporation

Eluru Municipal Corporation is the civic body that governs the city of Eluru in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.


On 9 April 2005, Eluru Municipal Corporation was upgraded from selection grade municipality.on 9 April 2005.[1] It is spread over an area of 14.50 km2 (5.60 sq mi) with 50 divisions and has a population of 283,648 as per the 2011 Census of India.[2]


The corporation is administered by an elected body, headed by the Mayor. The present commissioner of the corporation is Y.Sai Sreekanth and the present mayor is Shaik Noorjahan.[3][4] It has an Annual income of 426.681 million compared to Expenditure of 398.438 million.

Civic works and services[edit]

There are 26 Protected water supply reservoirs in the city. There are 185 km (115 mi) of Kutcha drains, 221.64 km (137.72 mi) of C.C Drains and 6.80 km (4.23 mi) of Storm water drains.[5] The city has a total of 7565 equipped Street lights.[6] Eluru generates 82 Mt. Tons of Garbage per day.


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