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Eluta.ca is a job search engine that specializes in locating jobs in Canada. The Toronto-based search engine was launched on June 8, 2006 by the principals of Mediacorp Canada Inc., a specialty Canadian publisher of employment periodicals.[1] Eluta.ca lets people find new job announcements by searching tens of thousands of employer websites across Canada.

Eluta aims to make every new job announcement in Canada searchable at no cost to the employer or job-seeker.[2] To do this, Eluta.ca uses a variety of indexing and mathematical techniques to monitor vacancies at over 71,000 employers across Canada. One reviewer recently called the site the "Google for jobs".[3] Unlike large job boards, no person determines the order of search results on Eluta, which are listed by relevance.[4]

The vertical search engine indexes only primary sources (no job boards or agency jobs are listed). As well, Eluta.ca includes employer reviews and other editorial information for job-seekers in its search results.[5] These reviews are licensed from Mediacorp's line of employment periodicals, including Canada's Top 100 Employers. The Toronto Star recently described Eluta.ca as a "sea change" for job-searchers, stating that the site's attraction is its "simplicity and power".[6]

Like a growing number of search engines, Eluta has an open application programming interface, which lets programmers and website developers incorporate its data into other web applications. The API complies with the new OpenSearch XML protocol, an emerging standard that allows search engines to share their results in a standard and accessible format. Several websites have already created mashups using Eluta's data.[7]

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