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Eluvium (musician)

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Eluvium performing in Portland, Oregon
Eluvium performing in Portland, Oregon
Background information
Birth nameMatthew Cooper
BornTennessee, United States
OriginPortland, Oregon
Seattle, Washington
GenresAmbient, drone, minimalism, experimental, electronic, piano music
Years active2003–present
LabelsTemporary Residence Limited, Watership Sounds

Eluvium is the moniker of the American ambient recording artist Matthew Cooper, who resides in Portland, Oregon.[1] Cooper was born in Tennessee and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, before relocating to the Northwest.[2] His albums often feature artwork and photographs by Jeannie Paske.[3] He is signed to the record label Temporary Residence Limited.

Matthew Robert Cooper and Miniatures[edit]

In April 2008, Cooper announced he would release a "solo album" under the name Matthew Robert Cooper. Writing on the Temporary Residence message boards, Cooper explained the change "this is not far from something "eluvium" would release—but since I began writing them—I felt that they were somehow disconnected from eluvium—perhaps a different personality took shape—thus, the use of a different name - this work is very dear to me."[4]

Miniatures was issued in 2008 on a limited vinyl release on the fledgling Portland label, Gaarden Records.[5] The album was limited to 2,000 copies with the first 1,000 on colored vinyl.[6]

Other projects[edit]

Cooper has also teamed up with Charles Buckingham, with whom he has worked on the ambient video project titled Window Exchange,[7] to produce the "unedited improvised basement minidisc recordings" of Concert Silence. In the fall of 2007, Concert Silence made 09.22.07 [2-3pm], a 51-minute, six part instrumental piece.

In April 2010, Infraction Records released "09.22.07 [2-3pm]" on limited edition vinyl and compact disc, alongside a new 12" E.P./CD titled "Rain Furniture".

Cooper scored fellow Portlander Matt McCormick's feature film debut Some Days Are Better Than Others, under Temporary Residence Ltd. One of Cooper's original pieces can be heard in the trailer of the film. Another film scored by Cooper is For Thousands of Miles (2013) by Mike Ambs.

Cooper has released an Eluvium 10" vinyl named "Pedals / Petals" in January 2013, for the Vinyl Films project by film director Cameron Crowe.

In January 2014, Pitchfork reported that Cooper and Mark T. Smith of Explosions in the Sky teamed up to form a new act called Inventions, who released their first album, a self-titled, on April 1 through Temporary Residence.[8] In September 2016, he released the album False Readings On.[9]


as Eluvium[edit]

Studio albums
Singles, EPs and splits
Compilation albums
Australian release combines 'Lambent Material' and 'Talk Amongst the Trees' and includes three additional tracks.
Vinyl box set of full discography with Cooper's signature, poster, and artwork.
Vinyl box set of full discography with Cooper's signature, poster, and artwork. Includes a compilation album of rare and unreleased material titled Curious Things
Appears on

as Matthew Robert Cooper[edit]

Studio albums
  • Miniatures (2008, Gaarden Records)
Original soundtracks

as Martin Eden[edit]

In 2012, Cooper began releasing electronic music under a new moniker, Martin Eden, named after the 1909 Jack London book. Cooper described the debut Martin Eden 7" as something that "may appeal to fans of early Aphex Twin stuff, or turn of the century electronic music."[10]

Studio albums
  • Dedicate Function (2012, Lefse Records)
  • Lefse Records 7" (2012, Lefse Records)

as Concert Silence[edit]

Concert Silence is a collaborative project with Charles Buckingham that began in 2007

Studio albums
  • 09.22.07 [2-3pm] (2007, self-released on website / 2010, LP/CD, Infraction Records)
  • Rain Furniture E.P. (2010, 12" EP/CD, Infraction Records)

as MRC / PRB[edit]

MRC / PRB is a collaborative project with Peter Broderick that began in 2011

  • I Am Darkness, I Am Light (2011, lathe cut 5", Brian Records)

as Inventions[edit]

Inventions is a collaborative project with Mark T. Smith of Explosions in the Sky that began in 2013

Studio albums

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