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Elvi Sinervo with her husband, the Member of Parliament Mauri Ryömä.

Elvi Aulikki Sinervo (4 May 1912, Helsinki – 28 August 1986 Helsinki) was a Finnish writer and recipient of the Eino Leino Prize in 1980.[1] She married Mauri Ryömä (1911–58). Their daughter is Liisa Ryömä


Sinervo's first work Runo Söörnäisistä (A Poem about Söörnäinen, 1937) is a collection of short stories about working-class life in Helsinki. Her next work, Palavan kylän seppä (The Smith of the Village of Palava, 1939) is a novel about Hermanni Rintaluoma, a man who comes back to the country after the Civil War and tries to begin a new life amongst hatred and suspicion. Her another collection of short stories, Vuorelle nousu (Climbing the Mountain, 1948) is about the experiences related to the underground Communist movement in the country. Her other significant works include her novels Viljami Vaihdokas (Viljami, the Changeling, 1946) and Toveri, älä petä (Comrade, Don't Betray Us, 1947)


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