Elvire River

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Elvire River
Country Australia
Basin features
Main source 482 metres (1,581 ft)[1]
River mouth Panton River
210 metres (689 ft)
Physical characteristics
Length 127 kilometres (79 mi)[2]

Elvire River is a river in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The first European to see the Elvire River was government surveyor, Harry Johnston, who surveyed the river in 1884. The river is named after Margaret Elvire Forrest, the wife of the then Surveyor-General John Forrest.

The river rises north of Halls Creek below Mount Barrett and it flows in an easterly direction before turning north and discharging into the Panton River which is, in turn, a tributary of the Ord River. The river has ten tributaries including: Halls Creek, Poverty Gully, Gentle Annie Creek, Black Elvire River, Johnston River, Bream Gorge and Mountain Creek.


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Coordinates: 17°55′11″S 128°13′6″E / 17.91972°S 128.21833°E / -17.91972; 128.21833