Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs

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Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs
Full name Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs
Country represented  Canada
Born (1989-09-12) September 12, 1989 (age 27)
Mississauga, Ontario
Hometown Toronto
Height 152 cm (5 ft 0 in)
Weight 46 kg (101 lb)
Discipline Women's artistic gymnastics
Club Sport Seneca
Head coach(es) Carol-Angela Orchard
Assistant coach(es) Brian McVey
Choreographer Lisa Cowan
Music Malagueña by Brian Setzer
Eponymous skills Floor Exercise

Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs (born September 12, 1989) is a Canadian former gymnast. She was born in Mississauga, Ontario.

Elite career[edit]

She first started gymnastics in 1993, and competed in her first international event in 2001.

Hopfner-Hibbs won four medals at the 2006 Commonwealth Games: team bronze, gold in the women's uneven bars and women's beam, and silver in the women's all-around. She did not take the all-around title, despite having achieved the same score as eventual winner Chloe Sims of Australia. The new tie break rule had to be used to separate them (previously ties were not uncommon in gymnastics, even in the all-around). Sims did, however, invite Hopfner-Hibbs onto the gold medal podium with her. Despite this, Hopfner-Hibbs finished the championship as one of the most decorated gymnasts at the event, tying with Hollie Dykes of Australia for the highest medal total.

In the 2006 World Championships, Hopfner-Hibbs won a bronze medal on the beam, the first medal ever for a Canadian woman at the World Championships.[1] Since then she has won six World Cup medals on the beam and the uneven bars.[2]

Hopfner-Hibbs competed in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. She did not qualify to any event finals due to some errors in the preliminaries, but placed 16th in the individual all-around final.[3]

College career[edit]

She entered UCLA on an NCAA scholarship in 2008[4] and was named Freshman of the Year in the Pac-10 Conference in 2009.[5] She also finished 7th in the individual all-around competition at the 2009 NCAA National Championship, and was a second team All-American on vault, floor, uneven bars and in the all-around.[6]


On May 1, 2015, she married Grayson Null in California. Grayson is the younger brother of YouTube personality Austin Null from The Nive Nulls. They also decided to start their own YouTube channel called Meet The Nulls. In May 2016, the couple announced (via YouTube) that they are expecting their first child.[7] On November 27, 2016 they welcomed a baby girl, Scarlett Everly Null.[8]


  • Vault - 1½ Twisting Yurchenko
  • Uneven bars - Yarotska; Giant 1/1 Pirouette; Giant 1/2 Pirouette; Khorkina; Giant 1½ Pirouette; Piked Jaeger; Church; Toe-on 1/1 Pirouette; Overshoot to Handstand; Stalder Hecht; Giant 1/2 Pirouette; Double Front Tuck Dismout
  • Balance Beam - Front Handspring Mount; Aerial to Back Layout to Back Layout; Illusion; Double Turn; Front Tuck; Switch Leap to Roundoff Aerial; Double Back Somersault Dismount
  • Floor Exercise - Triple Turn; Full Twisting Double Back; Arabian Double Front; Double Back Pike; 1.5 to a full twist

Eponymous Skills[edit]

Apparatus Name Description Difficulty
Floor Exercise Hopfner-Hibbs Double illusion turn without hand or foot support C


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