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Elysian Heights is a neighborhood within Echo Park in Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

It is part of the Echo Park - Elysian Park area. Before the Glendale Freeway was built, it was also part of the neighborhood known as Edendale.

Elysian Heights is served by Elysian Heights Elementary school. The author Beverly Mason was principal there for many years, and Toshi Ito, the mother of noted judge Lance Ito, taught kindergarten and 1st grade there for many years as well.

Since the teens, Elysian Heights, along with Edendale has been home to many of the counter-culture, political radicals, artists, writers, architects and filmmakers. The children of many progressives attended school there during the 1930s, '40s and '50s. Many architecturally notable and historic homes can be found in the hills of Elysian Heights, such as the Ross House (Al Nozaki the famed film art director who designed the Martian War Machines for George Pal's The War of the Worlds lived here during the 1950s and '60s), the Paul Landacre House, the Klock House, the Judd-Atwater bungalows, the Harwell Hamilton house, Rudolph Shindler Southhall house, the Carey McWilliams home, the Estelle Lawton Lindsay home, the Philip Dike home, the 1906 Edendale water tank, and the Volunteer Fire House, to name a few.

Elysian Heights was also home to "Room 8 the Cat",[1] at one time the most famous cat in America.


Elysian Heights rest within Echo park and borders Silver Lake on the northwest, Elysian Valley on the northeast.

The area is mostly residential, with houses set on the northern hills of Echo Park proper.

Elysian Heights is largely within the ZIP code of 90026, but also encompasses a small chunk of the 90039 zip code in its northwest corner.


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Coordinates: 34°05′30″N 118°14′57″W / 34.091601°N 118.249257°W / 34.091601; -118.249257