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Eman bei Bodafors.jpg
Physical characteristics
MouthKalmar Strait, Baltic Sea
 - location
Mönsterås Municipality
 - coordinates
57°7′48″N 16°30′15″E / 57.13000°N 16.50417°E / 57.13000; 16.50417Coordinates: 57°7′48″N 16°30′15″E / 57.13000°N 16.50417°E / 57.13000; 16.50417
Length220 km (140 mi)[1]
Basin size4,471.9 km2 (1,726.6 sq mi)[2]
 - average30 m3/s (1,100 cu ft/s)[1]
Basin features
Designated14 November 2001
Reference no.1118[3]

Emån is a stream in southern Sweden, rising just north of Bodafors in the highlands of Småland and running approximately 220 kilometers to the Baltic Sea just south of Oskarshamn.

Emån is popular among canoeists, as it is easily navigated and provides opportunities to experience Swedish flora and fauna up close.

Emån is the home to more than 30 species of fish and is prized among fishermen for its trout.

Noteworthy settlements along the stream include Holsbybrunn, Kvillsfors, Målilla and Högsby.


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