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Parent company Renaissance Recordings
Founded 2007
Founder Alexander Coe
Genre Electronica
Tech House
Progressive House
Country of origin United Kingdom
Official website www.emfiremusic.com

emFire is a sublabel of Renaissance Recordings which is run by Sasha as an exclusive outlet for his original material.


In August 2007, Sasha announced the formation of his record label, Emfire, which will be the exclusive outlet for his new material in both vinyl and digital formats.[1] Its first release is "COMA", a collaborative track by a group of the same name which features Sasha, Barry Jamieson, Charlie May, and Duncan Forbes.[1] In 2008 the label released a collection of remixes of the tracks "Coma," "Park it in Shade," "Who Killed Sparky?" and "Mongoose." The second disc contains edits of the mentioned songs, as well as all the score from the surf film "New Emissions of Light & Sound" mixed into one song, all tracks where originally produced and mixed by Sasha.


All release by Alexander Coe.

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