Emanci Language Institute

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Emanci Language Institute
Founded 1980
Pondicherry, Puducherry, India
Type Non-governmental organization
Focus Education, literacy
Area served
Key people
Lotfi dejalasi, Chief Coordinator
Vandana shah, COO

Emanci Language Institute (ELI) is a language school situated in Puducherry. The Emanci Language Institute is a department of the non-profit organization Emanci, which provides vocational training and professional integration to young children.

ELI has recently introduced short modules such as “Introduction to the culture of Pondicherry and South India”, which are filled with pictures, videos, live performances, and are presented by a native animator.

The Institute has classrooms of different sizes, each of which can accommodate between three and ten students.

ELI also offers language classes to the staff and personnel of reputed firms and organisations, including NGOs and MNCs. For such cases special modules are created to cover aspects of client reception, corresponding through email, attending phone calls as well as polite speech. Languages offered are English, Spanish,[1] German, Portuguese, Tamil, Hindi, French and Japanese, as well as courses through Skype.


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