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Emanuel Tarot Francis Augustus
Real nameEmanuel Burton (birth name)
The Drunken Master
Weight(s)Light welterweight
Height5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Reach68 in (173 cm)
Born (1975-01-02) January 2, 1975 (age 44)
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Boxing record
Total fights78
Wins by KO20

Emanuel Augustus (born Emanuel Ya'kov Burton, January 2, 1975), is an American former professional boxer out of Brownsville, Texas, who competed from the 1990s to 2011, known for his entertaining boxing style, and showboating manner in the ring. He faced top level competition throughout his career, winning the IBA light welterweight title in 2004.

Personal life[edit]

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Augustus grew up in Louisiana and boxed out of Baton Rouge. He recently resided in Brownsville, Texas, and boxed at Grechy's Pound 4 Pound Gym located in Sydney, Australia for a brief period of time. Currently, after getting shot in a random shooting and recovering, Augustus lives with his sister in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Professional career[edit]

Augustus began his boxing career under his birth name Emanuel Burton. However, in 2001, when his parents married, Burton adopted his father's last name of Augustus. He retained the nickname "YA", short for his middle name Ya'kov. Emanuel has frequently appeared on ESPN2's boxing programs Tuesday Night Fights and its counterpart Friday Night Fights.

Augustus's televised bouts have garnered him a cult following in part due to his unique style and flair in the ring and his willingness to take on all comers, sometimes taking fights on short notice as a last minute replacement,[1] even in his opponents' hometowns. Augustus frequently clowns in the ring, engaging in his trademark "string-puppet dance." As a result, Augustus is also known for losing close or controversial decisions.

He achieved a measure of fame after his bout against Courtney Burton on July 6, 2004, which he lost by an extremely controversial decision. The state of Michigan investigated the verdict but did not overturn it. Augustus avenged that loss September 1, 2006, when he stopped Burton in the 8th round on ESPN with the help of a left hook to the body. This was symbolic because Augustus was disallowed a knock down from left hook to the body in their first fight after referee Dan Kelley claimed it was a low blow. The punch actually landed on Burton's beltline.

The best win of Augustus' career ratings wise was against Carlos Wilfredo Vilches on July 19, 2002. Augustus took the fight on just 2 days' notice after Vilches' original opponent, Vince Phillips, pulled out due to injury. Vilches was 37-1-2 at the time and was a ranked fighter. During the bout Vilches wanted to keep Augustus at bay with a stiff jab but Augustus continued to pressure Vilches and began to land counter right hands over the top of Vilches' jab. A cut opened up near the left eye of Vilches, which eventually resulted in a stoppage in the 8th round. The win vaulted Augustus to #2 in the IBF Light-Welterweight division; however, he followed it up with 4 decision losses and 1 controversial draw to tough opponents including Omar Gabriel Weis, over whom Vilches already held a victory.

At least one of Augustus' controversial losses was alleged to have been the result of taking a dive.[2] On June 6, 1999, Danish boxer Allan Vester won his bout with Augustus by 12th round knockout. Augustus was knocked down by a flurry of punches that occurred in the final seconds of the round and was seemingly incapable of getting up in time. He later admitted to giving up on the fight out of frustration, saying, "Well, there wasn't a dive. It wasn't like someone paid me to do this. I just felt out of order, out of place."[3] -

Professional boxing record[edit]

Professional record summary
78 fights 38 wins 34 losses
By knockout 20 5
By decision 18 27
By disqualification 0 2
Draws 6
No. Result Record Opponent Type Round, time Date Location Notes
32 Draw 16-12-4 Denmark Søren Søndergaard (boxer) PTS 8 4 Sep 1998 Denmark Kolding Hallen, Kolding, Denmark
31 Win 16-12-3 Slovakia Jozef Kubovsky UD 6 28 Jun 1998 Germany Germany
30 Win 15-12-3 United States Fredd Ladd TKO 8 (10) 7 May 1998 United States Sams Town Casino, Tunica, Mississippi, U.S.
29 Win 14-12-3 United States Santos Lopez KO 3 (8) 17 Apr 1998 United States Blue Horizon, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.
28 Win 13-12-3 United States Louie Leija UD 8 10 Mar 1998 United States Casino Rouge, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.
27 Win 12-12-3 United States David Toledo KO 10 (10) 21 Feb 1998 United States Miccosukee Indian Gaming Resort Casino, Miami Florida, U.S
26 Loss 11-12-3 Puerto Rico Juan Gomez UD 10 31 Jan 1998 United States Ice Palace, Tampa Florida, U.S.
25 Loss 11-11-3 Puerto Rico Silverio Flores UD 8 14 Dec 1997 Puerto Rico Fajardo, Puerto Rico
24 Loss 11-10-3 Puerto Rico Juan Antonio Lopez UD 8 14 Nov 1997 United States South Padre Island Texas, U.S.
23 Loss 11-9-3 Cuba Hiosbelys Hurtado UD 10 2 Oct 1997 United States Miccosukee Indian Gaming Resort Casino, Miami Florida, U.S.
22 Win 11-8-3 United States Danny Acevedo TKO 5 (6) 13 Jul 1997 United States Grand Casino, Biloxi Mississippi, U.S.
21 Loss 10-8-3 United Kingdom Stephen Smith DQ 3 (10) 1 Jun 1997 Germany Riesa, Germany, Augustus disqualified for a low blow
20 Loss 10-7-3 United States Terrance Churchwell UD 10 14 May 1997 United States Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee U.S
19 Win 10-6-3 United States Dezi Ford UD 6 26 Feb 1997 United States Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee U.S
18 Win 9-6-3 Puerto Rico Wilfredo Negron MD 8 19 Nov 1996 Puerto Rico Ponce,Puerto Rico
17 Draw 8-6-3 United States Arturo Ramos PTS 6 28 Sep 1996 United States Will Rogers Coliseum, Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.
16 Loss 8-6-2 United States Ivan Robinson UD 10 21 Jul 1996 United States Teamster's Hall, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.
15 Draw 8-5-2 United States Larry O'Shields PTS 6 23 Apr 1996 United States Youth Center, Cut Off, Louisiana, U.S.
14 Loss 8-5-1 United States Pete Taliaferro UD 10 4 Mar 1996 United States Mobile, Alabama, U.S.
13 Win 8-4-1 United States Danny Reyes UD 4 23 Jan 1996 United States Grand Casino, Biloxi Mississippi, U.S.
12 Win 7-4-1 United States Roberto Chala TKO 6 (6) 12 Dec 1995 United States Horma, Louisiana, U.S.
11 Loss 6-4-1 United States Lupe Miranda UD 8 14 Sep 1995 United States La Villita Assembly Hall, San Antonio, Texas, U.S.
10 Loss 6-3-1 Mexico Jesus Chavez TKO 7 (8) 20 Jun 1995 United States Will Rogers Coliseum, Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.
9 Draw 6-2-1 United States Bill Coddlington MD 6 14 Mar 1995 United States Pontchatain Center, Kenner, Louisiana, U.S.
8 Win 6-2 United States Barry Guidry PTS 6 31 Jan 1995 United States Thibodaux Louisiana, U.S.
7 Loss 5-2 United States Ed Tobar MD 6 31 Jan 1995 United States La Villita Assembly Hall, San Antonio, Texas, U.S.
6 Win 5-1 United States Barry Guidry TKO 4 (6) 10 Jan 1995 United States Pontchatain Center, Kenner, Louisiana, U.S.
5 Win 4-1 United States Richard Armstrong PTS 6 3 Dec 1994 United States Horma, Louisiana, U.S.
4 Win 3-1 United States Teddy Randolph MD 6 30 Nov 1994 United States New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
3 Win 2-1 United States David Harrod PTS 6 23 Jul 1994 United States Baker, Louisiana, U.S.
2 Loss 1-1 United States Eldon Sneed UD 6 13 Oct 1994 United States Houston, Texas, U.S.
1 Win 1-0 United States Jamie Cooper UD 6 23 Jul 1994 United States Cajun Hall, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.

Notable opponents[edit]

As a journeyman Augustus faced top talent his whole career and has an outstanding resume when it comes to experiencing the best the sport has to offer.

  • In just his 10th professional fight faced Jesus Chavez and was TKO'd in the 7th round.
  • Lost a 10 round UD against Pete Taliaferro.
  • Took a short notice fight against Ivan Robinson and almost threw off Robinson's title aspirations (L10).
  • Won a tight MD over Wilfredo Negron.
  • Fought Diosbelys Hurtado on short notice (L10).
  • TKO'd England's Jon Thaxton after taking the fight on short notice.
  • Lost a 12-round decision to Antonio Diaz.
  • Lost a controversial 12-round decision to Teddy Reid.
  • Fought John John Molina (L10).
  • TKO'd by Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the 9th round after his corner threw in the towel. Mayweather maintains to this day that Augustus was one of his toughest opponents.[4]
  • Took part in 2001's fight of the year against Micky Ward (L10). Ward maintains that Augustus, along with Arturo Gatti, was one of the toughest men he ever fought.
  • Fought Romania's Leonard Doroftei (aka Leo Dorin, L10).
  • Drew with the late Leavander Johnson.
  • Upset Carlos Wilfredo Vilches with a TKO win.
  • Lost a 10-round decision to Omar Weis.
  • Lost a 10-round decision to Kelson Pinto on short notice.
  • Lost an 8-round decision to David Diaz.
  • Dominated in a 12-round win over Alex Trujillo.
  • Stopped Ray Oliveira in 8 rounds.
  • Lost an exciting 12-round UD to Herman Ngoudjo.
  • Took a short notice fight against hard hitting prospect Ruslan Provodnikov and was TKO'd in the 9th round.
  • Lost to Vernon Paris (L8) in his last ever fight.


On April 2, 2004, Augustus became the IBA light welterweight champion defeating Alex Trujillo by unanimous decision.

On December 9, 2006, he became the WBC Continental Americas light welterweight champion by defeating Russell Stoner Jones.

On July 4, 2008, he knocked out Jakkirt Suwunnalirt in Sydney, Australia, to win the WBO Oriental welterweight title.

Controversial disqualification[edit]

Augustus was the IBA light welterweight champion between April 2, 2004, and June 18 of that year. Augustus lost his title when referee Laurence Cole disqualified him in his first title defense against Tomas Barrientes. At the time of disqualification, Augustus was ahead on all three judges' scorecards. He was disqualified for pushing, talking back to the referee, and not looking into his eyes when asked to.[5]

Other achievements[edit]

His fight against "Irish" Micky Ward on July 13, 2001, was voted 2001 ESPN "Fight of the Year", as well as 2001 Ring magazine Fight of the Year.[6] In June 2008 ESPN announced that this fight had been nominated for its "Fight of the Decade" award. Augustus was also named "ESPN's Most Memorable Fighter".[when?]

Outside the ring[edit]

During a 2012 interview with boxing expert Dan Rafael, Floyd Mayweather Jr. stated Augustus was the toughest opponent he had faced in his career.[4]

On the night of October 13, 2014, Augustus was critically wounded after being hit in the back of the head by a random gunshot and was on life support.[7] Baton Rouge Police named 21-year-old Christopher Stills as a suspect in the crime, but subsequently dropped charges due to lack of witnesses or evidence of intent, as Stills was alleged to have fired a gun several times in the air but not at a target.[8] Augustus is now doing better, and is living with his sister in Baton Rouge. As of April 2016, Augustus is engaged to be married, in improved health and spirits, and remains in training for a possible comeback in the ring.[9]


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Jon Thaxton
WBO Inter-Continental Light Welterweight Champion
September 26, 1998 – May 29, 1999
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IBF Inter-Continental Light Welterweight Champion
September 26, 1998 – June 25, 1999
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