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Emanuel Chirico – aka Manny – is a business leader in the retail and apparel industry.

Current executive roles[edit]

Chirico is chairman (since 2007), chief executive officer (since 2006) and director (since 2005) at PVH Corp. In 2013 he also became principal executive officer and president at Warnaco Group Inc., and in 2003, a director at Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc. He is also a director at the American Apparel and Footwear Association.[1] His total compensation for 2013 was $17,884,646. [2]

Employment history[edit]

Prior to his current role at the firm, Chirico held a variety of other key executive roles at PVH. These include: chief financial officer, president, chief operating officer, executive vice president, partner-in-charge of the Retail Apparel Group, vice president and controller.[3] He has been with the firm since 1993.

Before joining PVH Corp., Chirico was a partner at Ernst & Young LLC., a company where he worked for 14 years. It was through his work there that he first became interested in the apparel industry, in New York. He learned a lot from retired partner Ken Reiss. Chirico explained: “Ken impressed upon me the value of moving beyond the technical aspects of the work to really understand the client’s business and to connect with the client. And Ken was the one who pushed me to realize my potential.”[4]


Chirico is an alumnus of Fordham University, New York, graduating with a CBA.[5]

Chirico is also a graduate of Cardinal Spellman High School, Bronx, NY.


On November 6, 2013, Emanuel Chirico was named Person of the Year by MRKETPLACE Magazine. He has been described as “everyone’s hero, an unusual combination of instinct, inspiration and financial savvy. (And he even loves clothes!).”[6]His total compensation for 2012 was listed as Forbes No. 209, CEO Compensation.[7]In 2012, he also earned first place in the Institutional Investor Magazine’s ‘Best CEO in the Apparel, Footwear and Textiles Industry.’[8]

Personal data[edit]

Emanuel Chirico is married to Joanne. Born in the Bronx, New York, Chirico now lives in Eastchester, New York.[9]They have three sons: Dominic, who is a Calvin Klein financial analyst and EY alum; Michael, who is a successful entrepreneur and amateur UFC fighter; and Vincent, a Fordham University student.[10]


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