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Emanuel Vogel Gerhart (born Freeburg, Snyder County, Pennsylvania, 13 June 1817; died Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 6 May 1904) was an American minister of the German Reformed Church.


He was educated at Marshall College (now Franklin & Marshall College) and at the Mercersburg Theological Seminary. After acting as president of Heidelberg College in 1851 he became professor of theology in the Theological Seminary of Tiffin, Ohio, whence he was called to the presidency of Franklin and Marshall College in 1855, where he also lectured on mental and moral philosophy. In 1868, he was appointed professor at the Reformed Church Seminary, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He edited Frederick Augustus Rauch's Inner life and, for several years, the Mercersburg Review, and wrote Philosophy and Logic (1858) and Institutions of the Christian Religion (1891).

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