Emanuel Wirth

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The famous Joachim Quartett. From left to right: Robert Hausmann (cello), Joseph Joachim (1. violin), Emanuel Wirth (viola) and Karel Halíř (2. violin)

Emanuel Wirth (18 October 1842 – 5 January 1923) was a German violinist and violist.

Wirth was born in Žlutice (German: Luditz) in western Bohemia. As Joseph Joachim's assistant at the Hochschule für Musik (Berlin), he taught violin and viola. August Wilhelmj said he was the best violin teacher of his generation. His students included Albert Stoessel and Edmund Severn.

Wirth played viola in the famous string quartet of its time, the Joachim Quartet. Wirth died in Berlin.

His son Joseph Wirth married Julia Wirth née Stockhausen (1886–1964), daughter of the singer and voice teacher Julius Stockhausen.