Embassy of Armenia, Cairo

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Embassy of Armenia in Cairo
سفارة أرمينيا في القاهرة
Կահիրեում Հայաստանի դեսպանություն
Armenian Embassy in Cairo.JPG
Chancery of the Armenian Embassy
Location Zamalek, Cairo,  Egypt
Address 20 Mohamed Mazhar street
Ambassador H.E. Dr. Armen Melkonian

The Embassy of Armenia in Cairo is the diplomatic mission of the Armenia to the Egypt. The chancery is located at 20 Mohamed Mazhar street, Zamalek, Cairo. The embassy also covers the countries of Sudan, Libya, Ethiopia and South Africa as part of its mandate.

The first ambassador of Armenia to Egypt was Dr. Eduard Nalbandyan (1992–1999) who was followed by Dr. Sergey Manassarian (1999–2004) and then by Dr. Rouben Karapetian (2004–2009). Since July 22, 2009, the ambassador is Dr. Armen Melkonian.[1]

Building history[edit]

The embassy is based in a villa with a private garden in the Zamalek district, an affluent area where most embassies are located. The villa designed by local architect A. Antranikian in 1927 and originally belonged to Janik and Satenig Chaker and was donated by the latter to the Cairo branch of AGBU in 1976. Nowadays it is a protected architectural landmark.[2]

Armenian Language Day celebrations at the embassy

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