Embassy of Eswatini in Taipei

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Embassy of Eswatini in Taipei
The Diplomatic Quarter (使館特區) of Taiwan (中華民國), as seen from Lane 101, Tianmu West road (天母西路101巷) on 31 October 2017, around 1PM (Picture 1).jpg
Diplomatic Quarter building which houses the embassy
LocationShilin, Taipei, Taiwan
AmbassadorThamie Dlamini [1]

The Embassy of Eswatini in Taipei (Chinese: 史瓦濟蘭王國駐台大使館; pinyin: Shǐwǎjìlán Wángguó Zhù Tái Dàshǐ Guǎn) is the embassy of Eswatini in Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan). The two countries have had diplomatic relations since Swaziland's independence in 1968.[2] However, Swaziland was initially represented in Taipei by a Consulate.[3]

This tiny kingdom is one of the seventeen countries that recognises the Republic of China as the sole legitimate government of China.[4] After the diplomatic breakdown between Burkina Faso and Taiwan in May 2018, Eswatini is the only country in Africa which has no diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China.[5]

Its counterpart body in Eswatini is the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Mbabane, the Kingdom of Eswatini.[6]

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