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Embassy of Iraq in London
Embassy of Iraq in London 1.jpg
LocationSouth Kensington, London
Address21 Queen's Gate, London, SW7 5JE
Coordinates51°29′58″N 0°10′50″W / 51.4994°N 0.1805°W / 51.4994; -0.1805Coordinates: 51°29′58″N 0°10′50″W / 51.4994°N 0.1805°W / 51.4994; -0.1805
AmbassadorFaik Ferik Abdileziz Nerweyi

The Embassy of Iraq in London is the diplomatic mission of Iraq in the United Kingdom.[1] It was opened at its current site in 2012, having been closed since 2003 with the start of the Iraq War.[2]

The Kurdistan Regional Government in also maintains an office at 23 Buckingham Gate, Westminster.[3]

Iraq also maintains a Consular Section at 3 Elvaston Place, South Kensington,a Military Attaché Office at 48 Gunnersbury Avenue, Gunnersbury, a Cultural Attaché’s Office at 14-15 Child’s Place, Earl's Court and a Commercial Attaché Office at 7-10 Leadenhall Street, City of London.[4]

Whilst preparing for the re-opening of the embassy in 2005 Iraqi diplomats found a large number of guns, ammunition and surveillance equipment hidden in the embassy. It is assumed that these were left over from Iraqi agents during the Saddam Hussein-era. Iraqi agents had been implicated in several attempted assassinations in the capital during the 1970s-1980s, including the assassination of former Iraqi Prime Minister Abd ar-Razzaq an-Naif in 1978.[5]



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