Embassy of North Korea, Berlin

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Embassy of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Berlin
LocationBerlin Mitte, Berlin
Coordinates51°30′11″N 0°17′21″W / 51.50310°N 0.28915°W / 51.50310; -0.28915Coordinates: 51°30′11″N 0°17′21″W / 51.50310°N 0.28915°W / 51.50310; -0.28915
AmbassadorPak Nam-yong

The Embassy of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in Berlin is the diplomatic mission of North Korea to the Federal Republic of Germany. It is located in a Glinkastraße 5-7 in the dirstrict Berlin-Mitte. Embassador is since 2017/18 Pak Nam-yong.

According to an UN resolution from 2016 (resolution 2270)[1] it is prohibited to rent or lease North Korea any property. This is to prevent North Korea from generating foreign currency that the People's Republic could use to procure materials for its nuclear program.

The North Korean Embassy rents out its main building to the hotel company EGI GmbH. EGI operates the "City Hostel Berlin" in the building and thus generates foreign exchange for North Korea. All attempts by German authorities to take action against it have so far been unsuccessful (as of 2019).[2]

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