Embassy of Russia in Damascus

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Embassy of the Russian Federation in Damascus
Посольство Российской Федерации в Дамаске
سفارة روسيا الاتحادية في دمشق
Coordinates 33°31′33″N 36°18′01″E / 33.52583°N 36.30028°E / 33.52583; 36.30028Coordinates: 33°31′33″N 36°18′01″E / 33.52583°N 36.30028°E / 33.52583; 36.30028
Location Damascus
Address Omar Ben Al-Khattab Street, Adawi
Ambassador Alexander Kinshak

The Embassy of Russia in Damascus (Arabic: سفارة روسيا الاتحادية في دمشق‎‎) is the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation to the Syrian Arab Republic. The chancery is located in Omar Ben Al-Khattab Street in Adawi, Damascus.[1]

The USSR Embassy in Damascus opened in February 1946. In January 1992, with the fall of the Soviet Union, it became the de facto embassy of the Russian Federation.


On December 28, 2016, a mortar round landed in the Embassy's courtyard but did not explode.[2][3]

Ambassadors of Russia to Syria[edit]

  • Aleksandr Zotov (26 December 1992 to 13 September 1994)
  • Viktor Gogitidze (13 September 1994 to 31 August 1999)
  • Robert Markaryan (31 August 1999 to 10 November 2006)
  • Sergey Kirpichenko (1 December 2006 to 7 September 2011)
  • Azamat Kulmuhametov (7 September 2011 to 22 December 2014)
  • Alexander Kinshak (22 December 2014 to present)

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