Embassy of Russia, Havana

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Embassy of Russia, Havana
Embassy of Russia in Havana, Cuba.jpg
General information
Architectural styleConstructivism, Brutalism
Construction started1978
Design and construction
ArchitectAleksandr Rochegov
Embassy of Russia in Havana
Embassy of Russia in Havana

The Embassy of Russia in Havana is the headquarters of the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Cuba. It is well known for its striking constructivist building in the Miramar district of the city built by architect Aleksandr Rochegov. Some liken it to a sword, others to a syringe.[1][2]


The embassy is located at #6402 Quinta Avenida [es] (Fifth Avenue, Miramar's prestigious boulevard), between Calles 62 and 66, on a site of about 4 hectares (9.9 acres). Construction began in December 1978 and was completed in November 1987. The embassy opened as the Soviet embassy, in an era when Soviet influence in Cuba was immense, and transitioned to its status as the Russian Embassy after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.


  • 25 December 1991 – 6 May 2000: Arnold Kalinin
  • 27 June 2000 – 14 April 2008: Andrey Dmitriev
  • 14 April 2008 – present: Mikhail Kamynin

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