Embassy of Ukraine, Washington, D.C.

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Lesser Coat of Arms of Ukraine.svg Ukrainian Embassy in Washington
Embassy of Ukraine, Washington.jpg
LocationWashington, D.C.
Address3350 M Street, N.W.
Coordinates38°54′17″N 77°4′4″W / 38.90472°N 77.06778°W / 38.90472; -77.06778Coordinates: 38°54′17″N 77°4′4″W / 38.90472°N 77.06778°W / 38.90472; -77.06778
AmbassadorValeriy Chaly

The Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, D.C. is the diplomatic mission of Ukraine to the United States. The embassy is located at 3350 M Street NW, in the heart of Georgetown's commercial district.[1]

The embassy also operates Consulates-General in New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago.[2] The ambassador is Valeriy Chaly.[3]


The embassy occupies Forrest-Marbury House, originally built in 1788, and owned by General Uriah Forrest. Forrest was one of the leaders in the effort to establish the American capital in the area. On March 29, 1791, he hosted George Washington and other dignitaries in a dinner that marked the agreement in principle to establish the new capital. In 1800 the house was purchased by William Marbury, a prominent ally of President John Adams, best known for his role in Marbury v. Madison. The house remained the home of the Marbury family until 1891 when the changing character of the neighbourhood led John Marbury Jr. to turn it into a commercial property.

For many decades it served as the home to a wide array of businesses. In the late 1940s and early 1950s it was a restaurant/bar owned by Jack Wilner and was called, "Jack's." Its last commercial role was as the home to a night club named Desperados.

In 1986 the building was bought by a developer, refurbished, and restored to its original condition. On December 31, 1992 the building was purchased by newly independent Ukraine to house its embassy.

Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States
N Country Ukrainian Ambassadors Image date
1  Ukraine Євген Голіцинський Yevhen Holitsynsky Golicinsykiy Evgen Mikolayovich.jpg (1918-1919)
The head of the diplomatic mission
2  Ukraine Юліан Бачинський Yulian Bachynsky Yulian Bachynsky.jpg (1919-1921)
The head of the diplomatic mission
3  Ukraine Сергій Кулик Sergiy V. Kulyk No image.png (1992)
Chargé d'Affaires
4  Ukraine Олег Білорус Oleh Bilorus No image.png (1992–1994)
5  Ukraine Юрій Щербак Yuriy Shcherbak Yuri Scherbak.jpg (1994–1998)
6  Ukraine Антон Бутейко Anton Buteyko No image.png (1998–1999)
7  Ukraine Костянтин Грищенко Kostyantyn Gryshchenko Kostyantyn Hryshchenko Agência Brasil.JPG (2000–2003)
8  Ukraine Михайло Резнік Mykhailo Reznik No image.png (2003–2005)
9  Ukraine Сергій Корсунський Sergiy Korsunsky No image.png (2005–2006)
Chargé d'Affaires
10  Ukraine Олег Шамшур Oleh Shamshur Oleh Shamshur.jpg (2006–2010)
12  Ukraine Олександр Моцик Olexander Motsyk President Barack Obama Welcomes Ambassador Olexander Motsyk of Ukraine.jpg (2010-2015)
13  Ukraine Ярослав Брисюк Yaroslav Brisiuck No image.png (2015)
Chargé d'Affaires
14  Ukraine Валерій Чалий Valeriy Chaly Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Valeriy Chaliy.jpg (2015-)

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