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United States Embassy in Manama Seal of an Embassy of the United States of America.svg
LocationZinj, Manama
AddressBuilding 979, Road 3119, Block 331
Coordinates26°12′17″N 50°34′15″E / 26.20472°N 50.57083°E / 26.20472; 50.57083Coordinates: 26°12′17″N 50°34′15″E / 26.20472°N 50.57083°E / 26.20472; 50.57083
AmbassadorJustin Siberell

The Embassy of the United States to Bahrain is the diplomatic mission of the United States in Bahrain. The building is located in Zinj, a district of the capital, Manama.[1] The post of U.S. Ambassador to Bahrain is currently held by Justin Siberell. The embassy is one of two major American installations in Bahrain, the other being Naval Support Activity Bahrain, a base which houses the main U.S. Navy operations in the Persian Gulf.[2]

Embassy sections[edit]

The following is a list of the sections and offices housed within the embassy.[3]

  • U.S. Citizen Services
  • Visa Services
  • United States Commercial Service
  • Information Resource Center
  • Regional English Language Office
  • Public Affairs
  • Educational Advisor


Bahraini citizens and activists have protested outside of the embassy for various reasons, including anti-Iraq War demonstrations, the presence of the U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet in Bahrain, and to protest Israeli actions in the Middle East.[4] Because the governments of Israel and Bahrain do not have formal diplomatic relations, the U.S. is seen by some as a proxy for the Israeli government.[5]

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