Emblem of Ladakh

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Emblem of Ladakh
Seal of Ladakh.png
ArmigerThe Government of Ladakh
Adopted31 October 2019
BlazonEmblem of India
Other elementsThe Administration of Union Territory of Ladakh (sic) [1]

The Emblem of Ladakh is the symbol used to represent the government of Ladakh, a region in the northern part of the Indian Subcontinent currently administered by India as a union territory.[2] It was adopted following the creation of the union territory of Ladakh on 31 October 2019.[3]

Autonomous hill development councils[edit]

Ladakh is divided into two districts which each elect an autonomous district council. The emblems of these councils are as follows:

Reported proposal[edit]

A proposed emblem for Ladakh has been reported. This design includes the National Emblem of India at the top symbolising Ladakh as being part of India. The two black-necked crane and a yak head represent the wildlife of Ladakh. Mountains represent natural beauty and geography of Ladakh while three waves in bottom part represent it's rivers.

Government banner[edit]

The administration of Ladakh can be represented by a banner displaying the emblem of the territory on a white field.

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