Emblem of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic

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Emblem of Azerbaijan
Emblem of the Azerbaijan SSR.svg
Armiger Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic
Adopted 1937
Crest Red star
Supporters Wheat and Cotton
Motto Бүтүн өлкəлəрин пролетарлары, бирлəшин! (Azeri)
Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь! (Russian)
"Workers of the world, unite!"
Earlier versions Emblem of the Azerbaijan SSR (1931-1937).svg
Coat of arms of 1931

The national emblem of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic was adopted in 1937 by the government of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic. The device is based on the emblem of the Soviet Union.[1]

The emblem features a drilling rig representing Baku's wealthy oil reservoirs and, behind it, a sunrise, standing for the future of the Azeri nation. The hammer and sickle are prominently featured above it while the red star (symbolizing "socialism on all five continents") sits at the top of the emblem, for the victory of Communism and the "world-wide socialist community of states". The outer rim features symbols of agriculture — wheat and cotton.

The slogan on the banner bears the Soviet Union state motto ("Workers of the world, unite!") in both the Russian and Azerbaijani languages. In Azerbaijani, it is "Бүтүн өлкəлəрин пролетарлары, бирлəшин!" (in the current Azerbaijani Latin script: "Bütün ölkələrin proletarları, birləşin!").

The full name of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic is spelled out in both in the Russian and Azeri languages.

The emblem was changed in 1992 to the present emblem which retains some parts of the Soviet one.


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