Emblem of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic

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Emblem of the Georgian SSR
Emblem of the Georgian SSR.svg
Coat of arms of the Democratic Republic of Georgia.svg
Emblem used from 11 December 1990 to 26 December 1991.
Armiger Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic
Adopted 28 February 1922
11 December 1990
Motto პროლეტარებო ყველა ქვეყნისა, შეერთდით! (Georgian)

Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь! (Russian)

"Workers of the world, unite!"

The coat of arms of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic was adopted on February 28, 1922 by the government of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic. The coat of arms is loosely based on the coat of arms of the Soviet Union. It shows symbols of agriculture (grapes and wheat). The red star rising above the Caucasus stands for the future of the Georgian nation, and the hammer and sickle for the victory of Communism and the "world-wide socialist community of states".

The banner bears the Soviet Union state motto ("Workers of the world, unite!") in both the Georgian and Russian languages. In Georgian, it is "პროლეტარებო ყველა ქვეყნისა, შეერთდით!" (transliterated: "P’rolet’arebo q’vela kveq’nisa, sheertdit!").

The Abkhaz Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and the Adjar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic used variants of this coat of arms (in the Abkhaz case, with the name of the republic and the motto also in Abkhaz).

Later version had also inscription in Georgian in the centre of the field.[1]

This coat of arms was replaced by a new one on December 11, 1990.


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