Emblem of the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic

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Emblem of the Latvian SSR
Latvia SSR coa.svg
Armiger Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic
Adopted 21 March 1940
Crest Red star
Supporters Wheat
Motto Visu zemju proletārieši, savienojieties! (Latvian)

Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь! (Russian)

"Workers of the world, unite!"
Earlier versions COA Latvian SSR 1940-1978 Version.png
Use 1940-1978

The coat of arms of the Latvian SSR was adopted on March 21, 1940, by the government of the Latvian SSR. The coat of arms is based on the coat of arms of the Soviet Union. It features symbols of agriculture (wheat) and Latvia's maritime culture (a sunset over the Baltic Sea). The Beige Star But Later Red as well as the hammer and sickle for the victory of communism and the "world-wide socialist community of states". [1]

The banner bears the USSR State motto ("Proletarians of all countries, unite!") in both Latvian language (Visu zemju proletārieši, savienojieties!) and Russian.

The name of the Latvian SSR is shown only in Latvian, and reads Latvijas PSR, the PSR standing for Padomju Sociālistiskā Republika, or Soviet Socialist Republic.

The emblem was changed in 1990 to the present coat of arms of Latvia, originally adopted in 1921.


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