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Cxense ASA, previously Emediate ApS
Founded 2001
Headquarters Østergade 27, 5th floor, 1100 Copenhagen, Denmark
Industry Ad Serving Solutions
Products Cxense Display (previously EmediateAd), Cxense SSP (previously Emediate SSP)
Slogan(s) Let's Impress You
Website www.cxense.com

Emediate ApS (or simply Emediate), now part of Cxense ASA, was a Danish-based software company providing Ad Serving Solutions to online publishers and advertisers. Cxense is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and has offices in Copenhagen, Denmark, Stockholm, Sweden, as well as many other locations.

Currently Cxense employs approximately 110 persons and their customers include publishers from all over of the world.

Cxense is a provider of Big Data analytics and ad serving.


Emediate was founded in 2001 by Christoffer Feilberg in Copenhagen, Denmark.[1]

In 2001 Emediate opened its office in Stockholm, Sweden. The Swedish office is, besides from being responsible for the Swedish market, also responsible for the continuous development of the EmediateAd system.

ad pepper media acquisition[edit]

In 2007 Emediate was acquired by ad pepper media for an undisclosed figure. Emediate is, however, run independently.

Cxense acquisition[edit]

On November 15, 2013 Cxense announced that they had acquired Emediate for US10m.


Cxense Display (previously EmediateAd)[edit]

A screenshot of the dashboard function in EmediateAd.
Screenshot of the EmediateAd system.

Cxense Display (EmediateAd) is an Ad Serving Solution for publishers and websites, providing an integrated system for delivering and managing online advertisements.

Cxense Display (previously EmediateAd) is available in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Swedish and Finnish.

Cxense SSP (previously Emediate SSP)[edit]

Cxense SSP (previously Emediate SSP) is a Sell Side Platform where online publishers can auction away available inventory to advertisers through online Ad Exchanges.[2]

The Emediate Exchange was launched in February 2012.


Individuals working with Cxense Display (previously EmediateAd) can become certified users by completing education programs with included exams. Cxense offers two different certification programs:

  • Basic certification: An introductory course in the basics of Cxense Display (previously EmediateAd).
  • Advanced certification: A course in understanding the more technical features in Cxense Display (previously EmediateAd).


Gazelle Award[edit]

Emediate was acknowledged as a Gazelle company 6 years in a row (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012) by the Danish newspaper Børsen.[3] The Gazelle award is given to Denmark's fastest growing companies which: "has achieved a continuous growth in revenue or gross profit for the last four financial years, and which has, in total, more than doubled the revenue or the gross profit in the period"[4]

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