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The Emelin Theatre for the Performing Arts is a 275-seat nonprofit theater located in Mamaroneck, NY.[1] The Emelin Theatre was founded in 1972 by a group of Mamaroneck citizens and named for local pharmacist Arthur Emelin, who died in 1978.[2] Its facility originated with a $360,000 gift to the Mamaroneck Free Library by Emelin in memory of his father, Emanuel Joseph Emelin.[3] The structure of the current theater was constructed in 1984. In 2013 the Emelin’s lobby underwent a $250,000 renovation to make it more modern and accessible. The New Rochelle-based architecture firm Stoll & Stoll donated their services to the Emelin, which paid no fees for the design of the new facility.[4]

It hosts music series devoted to rock, folk, classical, jazz, tribute bands, and traditional musical forms from multiple traditions.[5] Its bluegrass series has existed since 1982.[6] It also features theater, dance, comedy, and a subscription-only film series through a partnership with the Brooklyn-based Rooftop Films. Approximately one-third of its programming is family-oriented, and since 1997 its subsidized School Outreach Program has brought children from Westchester County schools to the Emelin for educational programming.[7] It currently hosts between 80 and 100 performances per year, with a combined attendance of approximately 30,000.[8]

It boasts of being the oldest continually operated performing arts center in Westchester. The current president of the Emelin’s board is Mark Ettenger.[9]


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