Emerald Hill, New Zealand

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Emerald Hill
Coordinates: 41°05′47″S 175°06′32″E / 41.0964°S 175.1088°E / -41.0964; 175.1088Coordinates: 41°05′47″S 175°06′32″E / 41.0964°S 175.1088°E / -41.0964; 175.1088
CountryNew Zealand
IslandNorth Island
CityUpper Hutt
 • Total2,721

Emerald Hill is a hill (and unofficial suburb or locality name) in the suburb of Birchville, Upper Hutt, New Zealand. The name Emerald Hill has been applied[by whom?] to an up-market housing development on the north-eastern slopes of Emerald Hill that consists of around 4 or 5 streets off the end of Gemstone Drive, so as to distinguish it[citation needed] from the older and more down-market Parkdale subdivision.

The Metlink bus route 110 operates between Petone and the intersection of Emerald Hill Road with Gemstone Drive half-hourly during the day.