Emerald Hill, Harare

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Coordinates: 17°46′33″S 31°01′41″E / 17.77583°S 31.02806°E / -17.77583; 31.02806

Emerald Hill is a north-western suburb of Harare, Zimbabwe, named so because of either (i) the colour of the hill due to the large number of trees or (ii) an Irish connection: many of the roads in the suburb have Irish names.[1]

On the hill in the centre of the suburb are located a school for the deaf and a children's home. Emerald Hill is also home to St. John's High School and Gateway Primary School (Zimbabwe).

Originally part of Avondale Farm, which was peri-urban to the early City of Harare, Emerald Hill was incorporated into the city in 1934.[2] The northwest corner of Emerald Hill, known as "New Emerald Hill" was originally under the Marlborough Town Management Board and incorporated into the City of Harare in 1971,[3] but only built up in late 1990s.


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