Emerald Lake (Utah)

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Emerald Lake
Emerald Lake below Timpanogos Glacier.jpg
Emerald Lake below Timpanogos Glacier
Location Utah County, Utah,
United States
Coordinates 40°23′35″N 111°38′23″W / 40.39306°N 111.63972°W / 40.39306; -111.63972Coordinates: 40°23′35″N 111°38′23″W / 40.39306°N 111.63972°W / 40.39306; -111.63972
Type proglacial lake
Primary inflows snowmelt and glacial runoff
Basin countries United States

Emerald Lake is a small lake near the summit of Mount Timpanogos in Utah's Wasatch Range. It is northeast of the summit, at the base of the almost vertical northeast face of the mountain. The now mostly vanished and completely buried Timpanogos Glacier left behind a terminal moraine which now impounds the lake. The runoff from the rock glacier feeds the lake and colors it blue. The lake is accessible by hiking, the Aspen Grove trail being the fastest way to reach it; it is about 5 miles, (or two-thirds) up that trail on the way to the summit.

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